Uberflip Streams explained


This article outlines Uberflip Streams, including what they are and how to use them in your Hub.


What are Streams?

Streams are collections of content in your Hub. There are 2 main Stream types: Source Streams and curated Streams.

  • Source Streams are used to import (and sometimes create) content in your Hub. They also house the imported content by its source to keep it organized. Each Source Stream can only contain a single type of content from a single source.
  • Curated Streams are used to create targeted/personalized content experiences using different types of content. Marketing Streams and Sales Streams are both types of curated Streams. Curated Streams contain a mix of different content types chosen for a specific audience or prospect.


Stream types explained

Here's a deeper look at Streams and their sub-types: 

Source Streams

These Stream types are used to import content into your Hub from external sources (and, in some cases, to create new content directly within your Hub).

Source Streams can be broken into 4 sub-types: 


Includes: Flipbooks/PDFs

Document Streams are used to import PDF content such as ebooks, white papers, brochures, infographics, etc., as well as presentation slides into Uberflip. You can choose to display PDF content in its original format, or convert it into Uberflip's Flipbooks format for more granular analytics data. 

SlideShare Streams are being retired

The ability to create new SlideShare Streams has ended. Check out SlideShare Streams are being retired [Nov. 2023] for details. 


Includes: YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Vidyard, Brightcove

With Video Streams, you can import your video content from a variety of video hosting services. You can integrate your YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Vidyard and Brightcove accounts, and pull in videos from that account (typically either all videos, or selected collections/playlists) to create individual video Items in Uberflip.


Blog Streams are used to aggregate blog content in your Hub. You can either continuously import content from an externally hosted blog (e.g. WordPress) via its RSS feed, or create a brand new blog from scratch within your Uberflip Hub. Both options will create individual blog post Items in your Hub, which typically form the backbone of your top-of-funnel content.

When you import an external blog into Uberflip, this can either be a blog you own, or a third-party blog. The second option is useful if you want to pull in feeds from influencers or popular industry blogs to round out your Hub’s content.

If you instead choose to create a new blog from scratch with Uberflip's integrated blogging functionality, you'll need to manually add content to it by using the built-in blog post editor. You can also use this same built-in blogging functionality on Blog Streams that import content from an external blog, either to manually add new posts from within Uberflip or to modify imported posts.

To learn more, see Create a Blog Stream.


Curated Streams

There are 2 types of curated Streams: Marketing Streams and Sales Streams. These are both used to organize and present the content you've imported into your Hub (through Source Streams).

Unlike Source Streams, curated Streams are not used to import new content. These Streams contain a variety of content chosen specifically for a target audience or prospect. 


Marketing Streams allow you to gather content from across your Hub into a single Stream, so you can tailor the content to your target market or buyer personas.

Marketing Streams have additional appearance options that aren't available on Source Streams, such as customizable banner, logo, and text elements. By combining chosen content and visual elements, you can use Marketing Streams to create highly engaging content experiences that are personalized for specific audiences.

To learn more about Marketing Streams, see Create and share a Marketing Stream.


Sales Streams are similar to Marketing Streams in overall function: like Marketing Streams, Sales Streams can contain a variety of content. But Sales Streams are optimized for use by your Sales team. They are designed to be created quickly and can be customized with additional appearance options to hyper-personalize them for particular recipients (organizations, or even individuals).

In conjunction with the Uberflip Sales Assist, Sales Streams give your Sales team access to your content library and a fast and convenient way to share that content with their leads and prospects.

To learn more about Sales Streams, see Get started with Sales Streams.


Ready to create Streams?

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