Set Up a Wistia Integration


Learn how to integrate your Hub with Wistia to pull in video content from your Wistia account.


Before You Begin

  • To integrate Wistia with your Hub, you need to be an Account Admin or Content Manager.
  • You will also need a Wistia account, and you must be the Account Owner in that account.


About the Wistia Integration

Wistia is a video hosting platform that allows you to create, manage, share, and track videos. If you're already hosting your video content on Wistia, you can easily make it part of your content experiences by bringing it into your Hub with our Wistia integration.


Recommended: Create a Dedicated Uberflip User in Wistia

To integrate your Wistia account with your Hub and pull in your videos, Uberflip will access your Wistia account through a standard user account. This could be any account, but we recommend not using an account belonging to a specific person: if that person changes their password or their account is deactivated (i.e. if they leave your organization), the integration between Uberflip and Wistia will break.

Instead, our recommendation is to create an "Uberflip Integration" user in your Wistia account that is dedicated to this integration. You can create this user with any name and other details you like, but it must have the Manager role. Once you've created your user, it's also a good idea to share its credentials with your team so that anyone can manage the integration if something goes wrong.


Create a Wistia Stream

All you have to do to connect your Hub to Wistia and pull in content from your account is create a new Wistia Stream. Once you have created a Wistia Stream, it will remain connected to the Wistia project you specify during creation, and will continue to pull in any new content you publish there automatically.


Each Wistia Stream you create will be associated with a particular Wistia project within the connected account. To bring in content to your Hub from multiple Wistia projects, simply create more Streams (one Stream per project).

  1. In Uberflip, head to the Content page if you’re not already there (found in the sidebar navigation)
  2. Click New Stream
  3. The Add a Stream modal will open. Click Wistia in the Source Streams list
  4. The Connect your Wistia account screen will appear. Click Connect
  5. A Wistia login page will appear in a new browser window. Type in the credentials for the dedicated Uberflip Integration user you created earlier and log in.
  6. On the next page, click on the Authorize button:
  7. The browser window will close automatically, and you should be returned to the Content section of Uberflip, with a message that Wistia was successfully connected.
  8. Click New Stream again, then click on the Wistia button once more 
  9. The Add a Wistia Stream modal will open
  10. Under Import Videos by Project, click the dropdown box and select the project you want to import videos from into this Stream.
  11. Uberflip will begin importing videos from the selected project (up to 100 most recent). When it's done, you'll see a confirmation message that shows the number of videos that were imported.

    To view the content Items that were created for these players, click on the View Stream button

That's it! Content from the selected Wistia project has been imported into your Hub, and is now available to be included in your content experiences. New videos uploaded to the connected project will be imported automatically. 

If you want to bring in content from other projects, simply create additional Wistia Streams.

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