Set Up a Vidyard Integration


Learn how to integrate your Hub with Vidyard to pull in video content from your Vidyard account.


Before You Begin

  • To integrate Vidyard with your Hub, you need to be an Account Admin or Content Manager.
  • You will also need a Vidyard account, and your Vidyard plan must include API access. If you're not sure whether your plan includes API access, please contact your Vidyard representative for help.


About the Vidyard Integration

Vidyard is a video hosting platform specifically tailored to Marketing and Sales use cases. If you're already hosting your video content on Vidyard, you can easily make it part of your content experiences by bringing it into your Hub with our Vidyard integration.

Vidyard plans with a limited number of embeds

This integration embeds videos from your Vidyard account into pages on your Uberflip Hub. Some Vidyard plans have a limit on the number of videos that you can embed.

If you are on this type of plan, you must ensure that any Vidyard videos that you bring into your Hub are set to be embeddable in Vidyard, otherwise visitors will encounter an error when trying to view them.

For more information and instructions, see this article from Vidyard:

Vidyard: Why is my video no longer available at its embedded location?


Prerequisite: Get Your Vidyard API Token

To pull your Vidyard players into your Hub, Uberflip will access your Vidyard account using the Vidyard API. To do that, we'll need an API token. You use API tokens to give third party services access to your Vidyard account without needing to share your login credentials.

In Vidyard, API tokens are specific to a sub-group and the players it contains. Vidyard controls access to a sub-group using roles, and each role has its own API token. You can use any default or custom role's API token with Uberflip, provided that the role has the View Organizations Assets permission enabled. If you would like to simply use a default system role's API token, choose the token belonging to the User role.

Once you have chosen the role you want to use, simply copy its API token in Vidyard.

To learn where you can find and copy the API token you'll need, see this article from Vidyard:

Vidyard: Access your Vidyard API tokens


Create a Vidyard Stream

All you have to do to connect your Uberflip account to Vidyard and pull in all available players is create a new Vidyard Stream. Once you have created a Vidyard Stream, it will remain connected to your Vidyard account, and will continue to pull in any new content you publish there automatically.

Each time you create a new Vidyard Stream in your Hub, you'll be asked to enter an API token. This means you can create separate Vidyard Streams with different API tokens, for example if you need to import players from multiple Vidyard sub-groups.

Note: Vidyard player and Video Structure

Vidyard organizes video content in the following way: Parent group > sub-group > player > individual videos. In other words, a Parent group can contain multiple sub-groups, and each sub-group can contain multiple players, which in turn can contain multiple videos.

Uberflip imports all players from a specified sub-group. Note that:

  • API tokens are specific to a single sub-group, so adding a new Stream will only import players from the sub-group associated with the API token you provided. You would need to add additional Streams to import players in other sub-groups (using separate API tokens).
  • Uberflip will create one Item per player. If a player contains multiple videos, they will all be contained within the one Item representing that player.
  1. Log in to Uberflip and navigate to the Hub where you want to add the Vidyard Stream
  2. In the sidebar menu, click Content
  3. In the Streams tab of the Content page, click the New Stream button
  4. In the modal that opens, select Vidyard in the Source Streams list
  5. You'll now see the Add a Vidyard Stream window. Here, paste your Vidyard API token into the field provided
  6. Click Import
  7. Uberflip will begin importing players from the Vidyard account associated with the token. When it's done, you'll see a confirmation message. To view the Items that were created for these players, click View Stream 

That's it! Your Vidyard content has been imported into your Hub, and is now available to be included in the content experiences you create.


Does your Vidyard account contain a lot of players? By default, Vidyard Streams will pull in a maximum of 50 players. If you need to import more than that, please contact Uberflip Support for help.

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