Create a Blog Stream


Blog Streams are the backbone of most Hubs. Learn how to create a Blog Stream by importing your existing blog content, or by creating a blog from scratch.


Before you begin

  • To create Blog Streams, you need to be an Account Admin or Content Manager.
  • If you want to import posts from an external blog into Uberflip, you will need the URL that points to that blog's RSS feed. It typically looks something like or similar.


About Blog Streams

Blog Streams are used to aggregate blog content in your Hub. They're a great way to optimize and showcase your best top-of-funnel content.

You can create Blog Streams in two ways:

  • Import content from an externally hosted blog (e.g. WordPress or Drupal) with RSS
  • Create a new blog from scratch in Uberflip

When you import an external blog into Uberflip, this can either be a blog you own, or a third-party blog. The second option is useful if you want to pull in feeds from influencers or popular industry blogs to round out your Hub’s content.

If you instead choose to create a new blog from scratch with Uberflip's built-in blogging functionality, you'll need to manually add content to it by using the built-in blog post editor. You can also use this same built-in blogging functionality on Blog Streams that import content from an external blog, either to manually add new posts from within Uberflip, or to modify imported posts.


Setup: Prepare your external blog for importing into Uberflip

To get the best results when you import your external blog content into Uberflip, you should check on its RSS feed settings before creating the Blog Stream in Uberflip. This is necessary because, by default, your RSS feed is probably not set up to include all your existing articles, or may not be configured in a way that allows Uberflip to pull in images.

For more information, and for instructions on how to optimize your external blog's RSS feed for Uberflip, see this article:

Optimize Your Blog's RSS Feed for Uberflip Streams

Info: WordPress Blogs

If your external blog is hosted on WordPress, and you use the Featured Images feature on your posts, WordPress does not include these images in its RSS feed. See this article for more information.


Create a new Blog Stream

Whether you're creating an empty Blog Stream to start from scratch, or one that imports content from an existing blog, the initial setup is the same:

  1. Log in to Uberflip and navigate to the Hub where you want to add the Blog Stream.
  2. In the menu on the left, click on Content.
  3. You'll see the Manage Content section on the right, where the Streams tab should be selected. Here, click on the New Stream button in the grey menu bar near the top:
  4. The Add a Stream menu will appear. Click on the Blog button:
  5. You will now see the Add a Blog Stream menu. From here, choose how you want to proceed:


Import articles from an existing blog outside Uberflip

You can import posts from any external blog that has an RSS feed into Uberflip. To do this, all you need is the RSS feed URL.

Blog Streams you create in this way remain connected to the external source blog. This means that you can continue publishing on the external blog, and the new posts will automatically be pulled in to the Blog Stream via RSS. (In some cases, even changes to previously imported articles will be pushed to Uberflip.)


Does the blog you want to import contain a lot of posts? By default, Blog Streams can pull in a maximum of 200 posts. If you need to import more than that, please contact Uberflip Support for help.

  1. After following the steps under Create a New Blog Stream, you should be on the Add a Blog Stream menu.
  2. In the text box near the top, type or paste in the URL for your external blog's RSS feed:
  3. You can configure various options for this Blog Stream by checking the applicable boxes. See the section below for more information about the available options.
    • By default, all options are disabled (unchecked). You do not need to enable any of these options to proceed.
    • The Start from scratch option allows you to create an empty Blog Stream, rather than importing content. See below for more information.
  4. When you're ready to create your new Blog Stream, scroll down and click on the Add your Blog button:
  5. Uberflip will begin importing posts from the blog you specified. When it's done, you'll see a confirmation message. To view the Items that were imported, click on the View Stream button:
  6. That's it! Your blog content has been imported into your Hub.


Blog Stream Options

When you create a new Blog Stream that imports content from an external blog, you can enable various options. Here's what each option does:

  • Start from scratch: Enable this option to create a new, empty Blog Stream that you can post to from within Uberflip. See below for more instructions. Enabling this option automatically disables all the options below.
  • Allow small images to be used for thumbnails: By default, images must be at least 180 px x 100 px to be used as thumbnail images for Items (posts) in a Blog Stream. If your thumbnails are smaller than this, you can enable this option to use them anyway.
  • Automatically match author profiles: If the authors of the content on the external blog also exist as authors in Uberflip, enabling this option will match the appropriate Uberflip author profiles to the imported content.
  • Allow class attributes, style and font tags to be imported: By default, Uberflip strips out CSS class attributes and other tags when importing external content. Enable this option to keep these elements intact in the content after import. Note that any referenced classes, fonts, etc. must be defined in your Hub's Custom Code for the corresponding formatting to be retained.
  • Automatically create and apply tags from RSS to items: Enable this option to automatically create Uberflip tags from any tags contained in the RSS feed.


Create a new blog from scratch in Uberflip

As an alternative to importing content from an outside blog, you can also choose to create an empty Blog Stream. This allows you to create and publish a blog entirely within Uberflip using the built-in blog post editor tools.

  1. After following the steps under Create a New Blog Stream, you should be on the Add a Blog Stream menu.
  2. Ignore the Enter your website, blog or RSS address text box near the top, and instead check the box next to Start from scratch to enable this option:
  3. The Add a Blog Stream menu will change, and two text fields will appear. Use these fields to type in a name and a brief description for your new blog.
  4. When you're ready to proceed, click on the Add your Blog button:
  5. Uberflip will now create the new Blog Stream for you, and you'll see a confirmation message when it's done. To view the new Blog Stream and begin creating posts, click on the View Stream button:
  6. That's it! You can now begin adding posts to your new Blog Stream by clicking on the Add New Article button:
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