Flipbot is being retired [Nov. 2023]


What is happening?

On Nov. 1st, 2023, Uberflip will officially retire the Flipbot app. 

After Nov. 1st 2023, the app will no longer be available for download in the Uberflip Marketplace. Because of the nature of installed apps, if the app was previously installed on your account, it will remain in the account after this time. But its use will not be supported by Uberflip. 

If you choose to continue using Flipbot after Nov. 1st 2023, you do so at your own risk. Uberflip will not offer further development or user support for Flipbot after Nov. 1st.


We suggest removing Flipbot from your account on or before that date to avoid issues and technical conflicts with other apps.

Note: Maintenance for Flipbot will end on Aug 1st, 2023, meaning no more development or bug fixes will happen after this date.


Why is this happening? 

Flipbot came to life in 2019 to help sales reps see when prospects were actively engaging with content. The app gave real-time Slack notifications, so reps could strike while a prospect was hot. 

But In 2021, Uberflip launched Sales Assist as our next-generation sales engagement tool. Sales Assist contains real-time notifications (in-app or email) like Flipbot, but also packs in many other features. 

Sales Assist has been a huge hit with our users, and overtook Flipbot's popularity quickly. For this reason, we’ve decided to retire Flipbot so we can focus on expanding Sales Assist.


How can I get real-time engagement notifications now?

Real-time engagement notifications, in-app or by email, are now built into Sales Assist! 

Sales Assist is available to all Uberflip users (though some features require a sales license)

Check out these articles to learn more:

You can download Sales Assist in the Uberflip Marketplace now. 


We suggest uninstalling Flipbot before using Sales Assist, as the two apps sometimes experience technical issues when used at the same time.

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