Get started: Uberflip’s core features


New to Uberflip? Looking to get up-to-speed on the basics? You’re in the right place. 

This article will cover Uberflip’s core features.


The Uberflip platform 

Uberflip can be broken up into 5 core areas

These 5 areas can be found separated in the topbar of your Uberflip account.

Each of these core areas contain feature sets designed to help with one aspect of your marketing efforts. The expectation being Marketplace, which is where you'll find and install apps to expand your accounts capabilities. 

Sales Assist

In addition to the 5 core areas found in the topbar, Sales Assist is Uberflip's core app for sales enablement. 

Here’s a breakdown of each product area, including what it’s for and what you’ll find there: 



Hubs is your content curation and organization station. This is where you’ll import your videos, documents, and blog posts, then organize them into ready-to-consume collections. 

A Hub is a top level container for related content. Every Uberflip account has at least 1 Hub, but some will benefit from more. Hubs generally separate content you wouldn’t use at the same time, like different locales, languages, or brands. But a Hub can separate content anyway you want. 

Within Hubs, you’ll organize your content into collections. Source collections (aka Source Streams) are created automatically from any content source you've connected. But curated collections, known as Marketing Streams and Digital Sales Rooms, allow you to pre-package content for your audiences and prospects. 

  • A Marketing collection (aka Marketing Stream) is content chosen for a specific audience. This collection will be used in your marketing campaigns to draw people into the funnel.
  • A Digital Sales Room is a content handpicked for a prospect already in the funnel. It’s meant to give a known person or organization everything they need to make a buying decision. 

These collections are used to organize and prepare your content into packages you’ll use in Pages. You and your team can just drag and drop Items or full collections into a page, and presto! A content-driven, hyper-personalized webpage (aka a content experience) is born.

Within Hubs, you’ll also find features to help you manage and activate your content in more ways, including: 

Learn more about Hubs and collections in: Get started: Centralize and organize content with Uberflip


Pages (rolling out now!)

Uberflip Pages is an all-in-one page builder and management tool, used to create web pages, filled with relevant content for any audience or prospect. 

In Pages, you’ll find the page management area, and a page builder for designing your pages. 

With the page builder, what you see is what you get. Drag & drop sections and components allow you to: build with a few clicks, populate with relevant content, and publish–without the need for a web designer.

Learn more about Uberflip Pages in: Uberflip Pages explained

Don't see Pages in your account yet?

Pages started rolling out in August 2023, but is not available in all accounts just yet. To ensure a smooth onboarding for all accounts, Pages is being rolled out slowly throughout the rest of 2023.

We understand that some users are keen to get their hands on this new feature. If you have any questions about the rollout, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or Uberflip Support to discuss.  



An original Uberflip product, Flipbooks allows you to upload PDFs, add interactive elements to them, to give your readers an enhanced (and trackable) document experience.

Using the Flipbook editor, you can turn any PDF into a multimedia experience. Links become clickable, videos become playable, forms gather reader info, and much more. 

Flipbooks adds intrigue to PDFs while allowing you to add more context in just the right places. All in a way that can be measured in Uberflip Analytics. This way you know how far your readers are going, and what they're interacting with, so you know when and where to strike. 


Uberflip Analytics (UFA)

With Uberflip Analytics, you’ll get the full picture. 

See how your audience moves through the buyer journey. The numbers will show you what’s going well, and what could use improvement. 

Learn more about Uberflip Analytics in: Get started with Uberflip Analytics



EVEN MORE POWER! The Uberflip Marketplace is the place to find add-on and enhancement apps to take your content experiences up a notch. 

Uberflip and our partners worked together to create a slew of apps to enhance all aspects of your account.

Personalization, UX/UI enhancement, tracking & analytics, productivity, and more–the Uberflip marketplace is always growing to give you more capabilities. 

Poke around the Uberflip Marketplace and see how you can get even more out of Uberflip.

One of Uberflip’s most popular apps is a little something we call Sales Assist: 


The Sales Assist app

Sales Assist is Uberflip's next-generation sales engagement tool. While marketing teams use Uberflip to create campaign destinations, Sales Assist empowers sales reps with that same content, making it easy to find and use in the Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) they create.

A Digital Sales Room (or DSR) is a personalized web destination that facilitates the sales process. It provides a centralized location where sales teams and potential customers can interact, collaborate, and exchange information to support the sales process. 

With Sales Assist, you can:

  • Easily find content your prospects will love (or create your own)
  • Personalize content in seconds
  • Deliver content to prospects through web destinations you create and personalize
  • Get with real-time notifications when your prospects are engaged
  • Track engagement on content you've shared 

Learn more about Sales Assist in: 


What’s next?

Now you know the core features of the Uberflip platform. 

Next, learn about importing and organizing your content in: Get started: Centralize and organize content with Uberflip

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