Sales Assist: Create, customize, and share Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs)


Using Sales Assist, you can create and customize your own personalized Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs) and share them with your prospects. This article will show you how.


Create a DSR

Sales Assist also allows you to collect multiple pieces of content, and use them to create a self-contained microsite called a Digital Sales Rooms (DSR).

DSRs allow you to showcase a small collection of content that you've curated for your prospect. You can personalize a DSR with a custom headline and message, and use a template to make it look great:


To create DSRs, follow these instructions:

Create a DSR from scratch

You can create your own DSRs to quickly build personalized destinations for your prospects.

Option 1: Start by selecting content

You can start creating a new DSR by first choosing the content that will be in it. This option is useful if you have some specific content in mind, or if you want to really personalize the DSR for your prospect.

  1. Head into the Search section of Sales Assist
  2. Use the search features to find content you want to add to your DSR
  3. Hover over Items you want to add and click the Add button that appears
  4. This will add the content to your basket, which means it's selected to be included in your DSR. Repeat the process of adding content to your basket until you've added all the Items you want.
    • You can add up to 20 Items to a DSR in total.
    • Items that have been added to your basket will stay there, even if you change your search filters or perform a whole new search. Don't be afraid to keep searching to find the perfect content!
  5. When you're ready to proceed, click the New Room button
  6. Fill out the Create a New Digital Sales Room form to personalize the destination for your prospect
    • Prospect (optional): Enter the email or just the domain (the part of the email after the @ symbol) of your prospect. Don't worry, nothing will be sent to them yet! Sales Assist just uses this information to find the prospect's company logo.
    • Heading (required): This is your destination's headline, shown in large text across the top
    • Message (optional): Use this to enter a brief personalized message for your prospect. It's shown immediately below the heading
    • Template (optional): Select a premade template to style your destination (i.e. the banner, colors, etc.)
  7. Click Create Room
  8. Your DSR will now be created, and the Manage Room page will be shown. Here, you can customize your DSR (see below) before sharing it.

Option 2: Start without selecting content

You can also create a new DSR without first selecting content. This option is useful if your organization uses templates that "pre-fill" your DSR with selected content: in this case, just choose the appropriate template while creating the DSR, then either keep only the pre-filled content, or add/remove content as needed.

  1. In Sales Assist, click Rooms button in the navigation menu
  2. In the top right corner, click the +New button
  3. This will open the Create a New Digital Sales Room form. Simply complete this form as described in Option 1 above, then click on Create Room.
  4. Your DSR will be created, and you'll be taken to the Manage Room page. From here, you can customize your DSR (see below), for example by adding or removing Items.


Once you've created at least one DSR, you'll also see an Existing button below the basket. Use this button to select an existing DSR to add the content in the basket to (rather than creating a new DSR):


Duplicate an existing DSR

You can copy any existing DSR to create a new one. This is useful if you have an existing DSR that you want to reuse for a different prospect.

  1. Go to the Rooms section (target icon) of Sales Assist
  2. Find the DSR you want to duplicate
  3. Hover over it, and click Duplicate
  4. In the Duplicate Room window, enter a heading, message, and prospect for the new DSR
  5. Click Duplicate Room
  6. Your new DSR will immediately be created. It'll have the new heading, message, and prospect and logo you just set, but will otherwise be an exact duplicate of the existing DSR (the same template, content, customizations, etc.). From here, you can either modify the DSR further, or just share it right away.


Customize a DSR

After creating a DSR, you can customize it in various ways. Sales Assist will show a live preview as you make changes so you can see how it looks. You can:

  • Change the heading, message, prospect, or template
  • Add a welcome video
  • Add content sections
  • Choose an icon and add a custom banner image
  • Add a passphrase, to protect DSRs with sensitive contents
  • Add, remove, or change the order of Items in the DSR

To customize a DSR, use the Manage Room page. This page is shown automatically whenever you create a DSR, but you can also reopen it manually at any time:

  1. In Sales Assist, click on the Rooms button in the navigation menu
  2. In the list of DSRs, hover your mouse over the DSR you want to customize
  3. Click the Edit button (pencil icon)
  4. The Manage Room page for the selected DSR will open

To learn how to use the various customization options, follow the instructions below:

Change a DSR's heading, message, or prospect logo

You can modify a DSR's heading, message, or prospect and logo at any time.

  • Open the Manage Room page for the DSR you want to customize. Then:
    1. To change the heading: Enter new text you want to use into the Heading field. The heading on the DSR will be updated immediately.
    2. To change the message: Enter the new text you want to use into the Message field (or remove the text). The message on the DSR will be updated immediately.
    3. To change the prospect logo: Click on the current logo to open the Set Room Logo window. Search for the company name and click the correct logo, or upload a logo from your computer. 
      The new logo will appear in the preview to the right, and will be updated on the DSR immediately.
      • You can also change the prospect by entering a new prospect email address (or domain) into the Prospect field. Doing this will not change the current prospect logo.
      • If you want to just remove the prospect logo altogether, click on remove logo below the preview.
Add a welcome video

Add a welcome video that will auto-open when your prospect visits your DSR for the first time. 

  1. Go to the Rooms page in Sales Assist
  2. Hover over the DSR you want to add a welcome video to and click Edit
  3. Under the Details > Basic tab, enter the video URL in the Welcome Video URL field
    Note: This can be hosted on any platform that supports embeddable video. 
Add content section headings

Break your DSR's content into organized sections by adding section headings.

  1. Go to the Rooms page in Sales Assist
  2. Hover over the DSR you want to add a heading to and click Edit
  3. Click the Items tab
  4. Click Add Section
    A new section heading will appear at the top of the Items list.
  5. Hover over the section heading Item and click Edit
  6. In the modal that appears, enter a heading name, then click Update
  7. Drag and drop your new section heading to where you'd like it in your DSR
  8. Drag and drop your other items into place if needed
Add a calendar booking CTA

Add a calendar booking CTA to your DSR or Items, so your prospects can instantly book a meeting with you. 

  1. Go to the Rooms page in Sales Assist
  2. Hover over the DSR you want to add a heading to and click Edit
  3. Select the Items tab
  4. Click the Add Calendar button
    Note: If the button is grayed out, there is already a Calendar Item in your DSR. Find it, hover over it, and click Configure to continue.
  5. In the modal that opens, enter the URL of your calendar, then click Confirm.
    Note: Sales Assist can integrate with most embeddable calendar booking services.  
  6. Enter a tagline, button label, and choose to display the CTA at Item level, DSR level, or both.
  7. Drag and drop your calendar CTA where you'd like it displayed among your Items.
Change a DSR's template

The template you have applied to a DSR determines its appearance. Even after you've created a DSR, you can change the template used by the DSR at any time.

  1. Open the Manage Rooms page for the DSR you want to customize
  2. Click Appearance
  3. Use the Template dropdown to select a new template:
  4. The new template will be applied immediately. To see the change, click Preview Room.
Edit or remove the banner image and icon

When you choose a template for your DSR, it'll (typically) include a preset hero banner. If you want, you can replace the image and icon with your ones choices. Or remove the hero banner (incl. logos/icon) all together.


To add a new hero image, you'll need the URL where the new image is hosted. The URL must end with the image file extension (e.g. .jpg, .png, etc.) to work.

  1. Open the Manage Room page for the DSR you want to customize
  2. In the Details tab, click Appearance:

Turn the hero banner and logos on/off:

Click the Banner & Logos toggle to turn it on (green) or off (grey).

Change the banner image and icon:

  1. In the Banner Image field, enter the URL of the banner image you want to use
  2. Select a Banner Icon to use in your DSR banner (between yours and your prospects logos)
  3. The new banner will be applied immediately


If you change the template of this DSR after setting a custom banner, the custom banner will be removed and replaced with the banner specified in the template.

Add a passphrase to a DSR

If you need to ensure that only a specific audience can view the DSR, you can protect it by adding a passphrase: anyone who visits the link must enter the correct passphrase before they can view the content in the DSR.


This option is especially useful for DSRs that include sensitive content, such as pricing information.

  1. Open the Manage Rooms page for the DSR you want to customize
  2. Under the Details tab, click Passphrase
  3. Enter the passphrase you want to use in the Passphrase Protect field
    • The passphrase must be between 6 and 40 characters in length, and must contain at least one letter and one number.
  4. If the passphrase meets the requirements, you'll see a green checkmark beside the Passphrase Protect field, and the passphrase will be applied immediately. To see the change, click on Preview
  5. Lastly, don't forget to tell your prospect what the passphrase is!
Add, remove, or reorder Items in a DSR

Add an Item

You can add Items to an existing DSR.

  1. Open the Manage Room page for the DSR to which you want to add Items
  2. Select the Items tab
  3. Click Add Items



    Want to create a new Item from a file? Click Create an Item.

  4. Add Items to your basket as usual.
  5. Below the basket, click on Current Room


  6. The new Items will be added to the DSR immediately.

Remove an Item

You can also remove Items from an existing DSR.

  1. Open the Manage Room page for the DSR from which you want to remove Items.
  2. Select the Items tab.
  3. In the basket, hover your mouse over the Item and click on Remove
  4. The Item will removed from the DSR immediately

Reorder Items in a DSR

The order of Items in the Items tab matches the order content appears in the DSR. You can change the order of Items in a DSR by drag & dropping them in the list:

  1. Open the Manage Room page for the DSR you want to customize.
  2. Click on the Items tab.
  3. Click-and-hold on any Item you want to move to a different place in the order, then drag it to the desired position:
    The new Item order will be applied immediately


This works anywhere the basket is shown, so you can even determine the order of Items in your DSR while still filling the basket.


Share a DSR

When your DSR is ready, you can easily share it with your prospect

Sharing a DSR creates a variety of embed options. All you need to do is choose which embed option you want, then simply paste into an email:

As with all content you share through Sales Assist, embed links for DSRs contain a unique share tracking code that allow the app to keep track and notify you when a prospect engages with your shared content.

To share a DSR, follow these instructions:

How to share a DSR

You can share any new or existing DSR that you've created in Sales Assist.

  1. From the Rooms page, hover over your DSR and click Share


    or from the Manage Room page, click Share at the bottom of the page
  2. Choose the embed option you want to use. There are five options, with previews:
    1. Banner Image with Logos*: Your logo and your prospect’s logo over your DSR's banner.
      *This option is only available when:
      • A logo has been uploaded to the Hub Thumbnail field in your Uberflip account  (Appearance > Branding > Images (photo icon) > Hub Thumbnail)
      • You have set a prospect logo on the Manage Room page
      • The DSR has a banner image set
    2. Image and Text: Link preview, with logos and DSR heading. 
      Note: If a prospect logo or Hub Thumbnail is not set, logos will be replaced by DSR description.
    3. Tile Image: A compact image that functions as a clickable link to the content.
    4. Just Text: Just a text link, no image.
    5. Just the Link: No embed, just the underlying URL (including its share tracking code) that you can link to.
  3. Each option will appear just as shown in its preview. Click on Copy to Clipboard below the option you want to use.
  4. Finally, just paste the embed into an email (or elsewhere) to share it with your prospect (e.g. right-click anywhere in the email and click Paste, or just press Ctrl+V/Command+V).

Share image

By default, the image used for the embed tile will be taken from the first Item in the DSR.
Want to use a different image? Change the order of Items in the DSR, or add a custom image with these steps:

  1. On the Manage Room page, select the Details tab
  2. Select the Sharing sub-tab
  3. In the Custom Share Image field: paste a URL, select a preloaded image, or click the cloud icon to upload an image
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