Announcement: Changes to the Pardot integration


Salesforce is making changes to their login requirements for Pardot users, and we are updating Uberflip's Pardot integration to be compatible with these changes. Learn about the timeline for this change, what it means for you, and what you'll need to do to get ready.


The original February 1 availability date for Salesforce SSO support has been revised to February 5. All references to the availability date in this article have been updated accordingly.

What's changing?

In the past, Pardot supported both Pardot-only users and Salesforce single-sign on (SSO) users. Salesforce (Pardot's parent company) has announced that they are ending support for the Pardot-only user type on February 15, 2021, and that they will require all Pardot users to use Salesforce SSO from that date onward.

This change affects Uberflip's integration with Pardot. In the past, the integration was not compatible with Salesforce SSO accounts, and could only be set up with a Pardot-only account. To ensure that the integration can continue to function, we are updating it to support Salesforce SSO accounts. The updated integration will be available on February 5, 2021.

Users of the Pardot integration will need to take action as a result of this change: to ensure that it keeps working without interruption, you must manually switch your Pardot integration to a Salesforce SSO account. You can do this at any time after February 5.


Who is affected by this change?

This change affects any Uberflip customer who:

  1. Currently uses the Pardot integration AND
  2. Set up the integration at any time before February 5, 2021

When you set up a Pardot integration, you must specify a Pardot account: the integration uses this account to authenticate into the connected Pardot environment. Before February 5, 2021, the account could only be a Pardot-only account, because Salesforce SSO accounts were not supported by the integration until that date.

When Salesforce discontinues Pardot-only accounts, this will disconnect any Pardot integration that still uses a Pardot-only account. By definition, this includes any Uberflip Pardot integration set up before February 5, 2021.


What do I need to do to be ready for this change?

If you are affected by this change, you must take action to ensure that your Pardot integration continues to work.

Specifically, you must modify your Pardot integration to use a Salesforce SSO account (replacing the Pardot-only account used previously). You can do this on February 5, 2021 or later.

Follow the instructions in the following article to switch your Pardot integration to a Salesforce SSO account:


Is there a deadline for me to take action?

Yes. Salesforce has stated that the requirement to use Salesforce SSO with Pardot will come into effect on February 15. As a result, you should take action by this date.


What if I miss this deadline?

After February 15, Salesforce will use a "schedule of controlled outages" for a period of several months. For the duration of a scheduled outage, integrations that use Pardot-only accounts will be disconnected from Pardot.

While the integration is disconnected, any Uberflip Hub functionality associated with the integration will not work. This includes most Form CTA functionality, including:

  • Lead data collection: Visitors will be able to submit Form CTAs, but Uberflip won't be able to send this lead data to Pardot, resulting in data loss
  • Progressive profiling: Any Pardot Form CTA configured to use this feature will not function correctly
  • Automated workflows: Pardot workflows that are started by Form CTA submissions (such as follow-up emails, newsletter subscriptions, etc.) will not trigger

The duration and frequency of the scheduled outages will increase over time, until Salesforce begins permanently enforcing the new requirements on June 15. On this date, any Pardot integration that still uses a Pardot-only account will be disconnected, and will remain disconnected until it is switched to a Salesforce SSO account.

You can find detailed information about this policy of scheduled outages, including the schedule itself, in this article from Salesforce (scroll down to "Pardot API").

You will still be able to switch your Pardot integration to Salesforce SSO at any time after February 15, including after June 15. However, due to the risk of data loss, we strongly encourage you to switch your Pardot integration to Salesforce SSO by February 15 at the latest.


Additional information

You can find Salesforce's announcement regarding this change here:

Salesforce: Pardot User Migration Overview 

Salesforce has also provided an FAQ document about this change, which is located here:

Salesforce: Pardot User Migration FAQ


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