Add and edit Stream sections in a Marketing Stream


Want to organize your Marketing Streams with curated sections? Easily done in Uberflip! This article will show you how.


Stream sections are available for Marketing Streams only. Sales and Source Streams cannot include sections.

Already sectioning Streams with custom code?

Using Uberflip Stream sections and custom section code in the same Stream is unpredictable, and not recommended.  

We suggest using only one Stream sectioning option within a single Stream. New Streams can be created using Uberflip Stream sections, without affecting existing Streams.


What are Stream sections?

A Marketing Stream is already a curated collection of content. But If you want to break down that content even further, Stream sections allow you to do that. 

In a Marketing Stream, Items can be sorted into sections with custom headings. You can section content by category, topic, or any way that makes sense for your audience.

You can also rearrange the Items in a section, and reorder the sections in a Marketing Stream. This lets you keep the most important Items where they’re easiest to spot. 

Any Items not designated to a section will appear at the top of your Stream, in the “unsectioned” area. If you want everything in a Marketing Stream to be in sections, add all Items to sections and the “unsectioned” area will disappear. 

Sections can contain as many Items as you’d like.


Create a Stream section

  1. Go to the Content page in Uberflip
  2. In the Streams tab, find the Marketing Stream you want to add sections to, and click the thumbnail.
    Or create a new Marketing Stream.
  3. In the Manage Stream page (Items tab), click Add Section in the toolbar
  4. Enter a section title in the section that appears, then click the checkmark to save it
    Note: Your new section won’t appear live in the Stream until Items have been added.

  5. Click the + icon in the section to add Items to it, or drag Items from other sections
    Note: The section will appear in the Stream when 1 or more Items have been added.
  6. Rearrange Items by drag-and-dropping them if needed

That’s it! Your Stream section is live in your Stream.

Edit Stream sections

You can edit Stream sections in the following ways:
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Edit a section title
  1. On the Manage Stream page (Items tab), click the pencil icon beside the section title
  2. Enter a new title 
  3. Click the checkmark button to save the title 
Add or remove Items in a section

Add Items: 
On the Manage Stream page (Items tab), click the + icon in a section to add Items to it. 

Remove Items: 
On the Manage Stream page (Items tab), hover over an Item and click the X icon to remove it from the Stream. Or drag the Item to a different section (or the unsectioned area). 

Rearrange Items

On the Manage Stream page, drag-and-drop Items to reposition them in the Stream section. Or drag them into a different section. 

Tip: Check multiple Items to drag them all at once.

Reorder sections
  1. Click Reorder Sections, in the Items tab of the Manage Stream pageUntitled__2048___456_px_.png
  2. The Stream sections will appear as a list
  3. Drag-and-drop the sections to reorder them
  4. Click  Reorder Sections again to return to the Item view

Note: Items that aren't placed in a section will appear in the “unsectioned” area. This area is always above all sections in the Stream. The unsectioned area can’t be moved. 

If you don’t want an unsectioned area, place all Items in the Stream into sections. If there are no unsectioned Items, no unsectioned area will appear.

Delete a section
  1. Go to the Manage Stream page (Items tab) of the Stream you want to edit
  2. Click the trash icon beside a Stream section title
  3. A confirmation modal will open
  4. Click Delete Section to permanently delete the section

Where will Items in a deleted section go?

Items in a deleted section will return to the “unsectioned” area, at the top of the Stream. You can remove Items from a Stream entirely by hovering the Item and clicking the X icon.

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