Create and share a Marketing Stream


Turn scattered marketing assets into focused content experiences with Marketing Streams. Marketing Streams are inbound destinations where future prospects can consume curated content relevant to them.

Before you begin

  • To work with Marketing Streams, you must be a member of the Account Administrators, or Content Managers user groups.

About Marketing Streams

Your marketing team creates a ton of content, designed to generate leads. Instead of hoping the right people find the right pieces, use Uberflip to create content experiences. This basically means presenting relevant content in a way that is attractive, structured, and engaging.

A Marketing Stream is essentially a self-contained, curated collection of relevant content created for a specific audience.


Once created, your Marketing Stream can be accessed from a unique (and customizable) URL. 

Create a Marketing Stream

There are two ways to create a Marketing Stream:

  • From scratch: Create a brand new Marketing Stream from the ground up
  • By copying an existing Stream: Copy an existing Marketing Stream to form the base of a new Marketing Stream, then customize it
From scratch Copy an existing Marketing Stream

Follow these steps to create a new Marketing Stream:

  1. In Uberflip, head to the Content page from the sidebar menu
  2. In the Streams tab, click New Stream
  3. The Add a Stream modal will open. Click the Marketing Stream icon in the Curated Streams list
  4. Fill out the details of your Marketing Stream, which includes: 
    • Internal Stream Name (optional)
      A name for your Stream that won't be shown publicly. It's just for you and your team.
    • Stream Page Title (required)
      A title for your Stream that will appear at the top of the Stream page. This will be seen by your prospect.
    • Stream Page Description (optional)
      A brief description of the Stream for your prospect. You can use this field to personalize your Stream and include a brief message to your prospect.
    • Stream Purpose (required)
      Choose a purpose for this Stream. This won't be shown to your prospect.
  5. When ready, click Create 
  6. Your Marketing Stream is now created, and you'll see the Stream editor page. Here you can add content Items to it. Click Add Items to begin
  7. A modal will open. Here you can choose which Items you want to include. All Items in your Hub(s) will be shown. Using the dropdown filters and search field, find and select the Items you want to add. 
  8. When you have selected all the Items you want, click Add
  9. You'll be returned to the Stream view, where the content Items you added will now be shown
    Tip: Content will be displayed in your Stream in the order shown here. To reorder Items, simply drag-and-drop the content tiles into the desired order.
  10. To preview your Stream in a new tab, click Open


Want to customize the look and feel of your Stream before sharing it? Check out Personalize a Marketing Stream or Sales Stream to see how. 

Or add Stream sections to organize the content even further.


Share a Marketing Stream

When your Marketing Stream is ready to go, all that's left to do is share it. There are two ways to share your stream, with the URL or through social/email sharing.

Direct URL Social & email sharing 

Follow these steps to share the direct URL for the Marketing Stream (ex. in an email). You can also customize this URL, check out Customize and manage your Sales Streams to see how.

  1. In Uberflip, go to your list of Streams (Content > Streams tab) and click the Marketing Stream you want to share
  2. In the Stream editor page, click Open 
  3. While viewing the Sales Stream in your browser, copy the URL from the address bar
  4. You can now paste the URL anywhere you want to share it, and anyone with the URL can view the Stream.
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