Archive a Stream or Digital Sales Room


Don't need that Stream or Digital Sales Room (DSR) anymore? Archive it! This article will show you how.


A Stream or DSR can be archived, but cannot be deleted permanently. You can recover a Stream/DSR at any time.


What happens to an archived Stream/DSR?

When a Stream or DSR is archived, it is:

  • Removed from all other Streams and your Hub
  • No longer viewable (internally or externally)
  • Removed from the Content and Stream management pages in Uberflip
  • Recoverable at anytime (some settings may be lost)

Items in a Source Stream will also be archived when the Source Stream is archived.

Items in a DSR or Marketing Stream will still be available via their Source Stream, when the Marketing Stream or DSR is archived.


Archive a Stream or DSR

Archive any Marketing/Source Stream or DSR with these steps: 

  1. Select Content in the Uberflip sidebar menu
  2. Now in the Streams Tab, find the Stream/DSR you want to archive and click into it
  3. Click the kebab menu icon (3 horizontal dots)
  4. Select Archive Stream in the menu that opens
  5. A confirmation modal will open. Review how archiving will affect that Stream/DSR (and its Items)
  6. Click Archive Stream

That’s it! Your Stream/DSR will be archived and you’ll be returned to the Content page. 

Want to recover a Stream/DSR you’ve archived?

Check out: Recover Deleted Items and Archived Streams/DSRs

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