Embed Uberflip Analytics into other tools using iframe


Ever been working in another tool, wishing you had your Uberflip Analytics data right there for quick reference? If that tool accepts iframed content, you can make that happen. This article shows you how.  


Before you begin

  • You must be logged into Uberflip in your browser for embedded dashboards to load in other tools. If you’re not logged in, a login prompt will appear in that tool and allow you to authenticate.
  • The dashboards that are available for iframing (single lead/contact and single company) require Enrichment to be enabled on your account. Without Enrichment, these dashboards will be empty.


About Uberflip Analytics embeddable dashboards

Some tools allow you to use an iframe to embed content from other apps. This allows you to use your apps together in a more efficient way. 

Uberflip has created 2 dashboards that can be easily embedded into apps that allow this: 

  1. The single lead/contact dashboard
  2. The single company dashboard

Both dashboards include:

  • Contacts/contact details
  • Company details
  • Lifetime stats
  • Sessions data
  • Items viewed
  • Session details

Image: An Uberflip Analytics dashboard being displayed within Salesforce.

Embed the analytics dashboards

Tools that accept iframed content will each have a different process for embedding iframes. Refer to the knowledge base of your favorite tools to see if iframes are supported, and if so, how to set them up.

Using Salesforce?

Salesforce allows iframed content using their Visualforce tool. Learn about Visualforce and how to embed iframes there.

If your tool allows iframed content, use the URLs below to embed these dashboards:


About this dashboard 

Embeddable URL 

Single lead/contact

Single visitor details (based on MAP ID)


Single company

Details about a single company (based on company name)



Salesforce tip

In Salesforce, you can use merge fields in the URL parameters to auto-apply filters based on the page you're viewing (i.e. a contact or company profile)


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