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We're continuously working to improve the Uberflip experience - here's a monthly roundup of what new features, improvements to existing features, and fixes that were released. 


September, 2022

New & Improved

Introducing our newest app, Enhanced Tag Manager!

Tag management is fundamental to great content strategy. Our newest app levels up your content organization by making tag management more intuitive and accessible to your team.

Enhanced Tag Manager enables your team to define a tagging framework and tag content at scale - making it easier for your team to find and share marketing-approved content and increase the buying journey velocity. 

Install Enhanced Tag Manager and follow the guided setup to get started. 

Generate more leads with improved CTA functionality

Using CTAs to bring more leads into your funnel is now easier with improvements to the CTA search function and CTA positioning. Now, you can search for a CTA and drag-and-drop it into the stream without altering the positioning of the other items within the stream. 

We also fixed a UI bug on the CTA's "Repeat After Every" checkbox, now making it possible for users to set CTAs to repeat after a certain number of items are viewed within a stream. 

Learn more about engaging your visitors by adding CTAs to your streams.

Improved Marketing Stream information within Activity Logs 

Activity Logs now differentiate archived Marketing Streams from deleted Marketing Streams, matching the terminology used in other parts of the application.

This differentiation between archived Marketing Streams and permanently deleted Marketing Streams will reduce confusion for all users while reviewing the User Activity Logs. 

Learn more about generating more leads using Marketing Streams

Other Improvements: 

  • Share slideshow presentations, infographics, videos and other branded materials within your Uberflip streams by adding a SlideShare source stream
  • When creating a new Stream, Marketing and Sales Streams are now referred to as Curated Streams instead of Landing Page Streams
  • From the Deleted Items View, you can now search for deleted items by Item ID. 
  • Hide your items' publish date on your recommendation templates by selecting "Hide Publish Date" within Display Options when editing a Recommendation Template. 
  • New Marketing Streams will be created by default with the SEO Setting for "Enable Canonical Meta Tag" set to TRUE. 
  • Updated image formats and changes to how Uberflip stores and renders images were made to improve image performance. 

In Other News: 

  • Uberflip has launched Office Hours for customers looking for best practices, practical how-to's, and to connect directly with product experts and other power users. Save your seat!
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