Changes to new and returning visitor data in UFA [Aug. 2022]


What is changing?

As of Aug. 10th 2022, new and returning visitor data will be tracked a bit differently in Uberflip Analytics. 

Previously, Hub visitors who came in and returned on the same day were counted as both new and returning visitors. But this calculation makes the returning visitor number look more robust, in a way that may not be significant to most users.

To remedy this, a visitor will now only be counted as returning if they come back after 24 hours


Will this affect my UFA data?

Yes, new and returning visitor metrics will change slightly. This would affect any metric that factors in these stats as well. 

With this change, you’re likely to see:

  • A slight increase in the number of new visitors 
  • A decrease in the number of returning visitors 


Does this affect my historical data as well?

Yes, all new and returning visitor data will be adjusted to the new standard. This means previously captured data will change as well.

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