Announcement: Legacy Metrics are being retired [Jan. 2023]


What is changing?

On February 23, 2023, Uberflip’s Legacy Metrics (formerly Hub Metrics) will be officially retired. On that day, Legacy Metrics will be removed from all Uberflip accounts still using it, and be replaced by Uberflip Analytics (UFA).


Because Uberflip Analytics is an entirely separate feature, data from Legacy Metrics will not be pulled over. If you need to keep your historical data, reach out to your account manager to discuss your options before December 1st, 2022.


Why is this changing? 

Legacy Metrics was our original analytics product, born in the early days of Uberflip. But as Uberflip grew, so did the data needs of our users. So in April 2020, we launched Uberflip Analytics, a much more robust set of tools. 

Most of our users now use Uberflip Analytics, and for good reason–Uberflip Analytics can do everything Legacy Metrics did, plus so much more. Retiring Legacy Metrics will allow us to focus on growing Uberflip Analytics for the future.


What is Uberflip Analytics?

Uberflip Analytics (UFA) is Uberflip's business intelligence suite. It’s specifically designed to help you measure the performance of the content experiences you build with Uberflip.

UFA can provide you with the data you need to answer questions about your content and the way your prospects and customers experience and engage with it. Questions like: 

  • Which inbound channels are bringing in the most engaged visitors?
  • Which CTAs are most effective at converting visitors into leads?
  • How are visitors moving through content?
  • What types of content are visitors engaging with the most?

If you’re currently using Legacy Metrics and have any questions about the change, please reach out to your Uberflip account manager to discuss. 

For more information on Uberflip Analytics, check out: Get started with Uberflip Analytics.

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