Announcement: The Uberflip Chrome extension & Outlook add-in have been retired [Dec. 2022]


What is changing?

As of Dec. 18th, 2022, the Uberflip Chrome extension and Outlook add-in (extension) have been retired. While previously installed versions of these extensions may still function after that date, their use will not be support by Uberflip in any way.  

Note: While the final versions of the extensions was supported until Dec 18th, 2022, updates, maintenance, and new downloads ended on Sept. 19th 2022. 

Why is this changing?

Most functionalities of the Uberflip Chrome & Outlook extensions are now available in Uberflip’s Sales Assist app.

Sales Assist enables Sales reps to quickly build, share, and monitor personalized Streams for prospects. 

Since its release in 2021, Sales Assist has become the go-to extension for Sales reps who want to quickly build and share Streams. Because of this, we’ve decided to focus on the continued expansion of that tool. Sales Assist can do all the things the Uberflip extensions do, but with many more features to back it up.

How can I continue to easily share Streams?

Moving forward, you can access this and many other features by installing the Sales Assist app. Get in touch with your Uberflip account manager to learn more.

You can also continue to build and share Sales Streams natively in the Uberflip platform.

What is Sales Assist?

Sales Assist is Uberflip's next-generation sales engagement tool. Marketing teams use Uberflip to create content, and Sales Assist empowers sales representatives with that content by making it easy to find and use at any point during the sales cycle.

With Sales Assist, you can:

  • Easily find content your prospects will love (or create your own)
  • Personalize content in seconds
  • Deliver content to prospects through personalized destinations (Streams)
  • Track engagement on content you've shared in real time with notifications

Sales Assist works within your existing sales workflows and tools, so it seamlessly integrates into your day-to-day and won't slow you down. To learn more, check out: Sales Assist: Get started as a Sales User.

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