Accessibility in Uberflip Hubs and Streams



Accessibility is a must, both online and IRL. At Uberflip, we’re committed to helping you keep your Hubs and Streams accessible, so you can deliver great content experiences to everyone. 

Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) were developed as part of a global initiative that aims to make online content more accessible for everyone. This includes the use of screen readers, tabbed browsing, closed captioning, and more. 

We use Website Content Accessibility Guidelines to inform our accessibility choices and offerings.

Accessible content affects everyone. This includes you and your hub. Web pages created within the Uberflip platform must be at minimum Double-A compliant. 

Did you know?

Having an accessible Hub or website can increase your SEO ranking.


How does Uberflip help me stay accessible?

Uberflip's current front-end Hub technology (Front End V2) was built for accessibility, and includes accessibility features like: 

  • Aria labels
  • Screen reader compatibility 
  • All necessary accessibility tags 
  • Accessibility features like skip links and improved tab abilities
  • Improved page flow structure 
  • And more

All Hubs created after March 2020 are V2 Hubs, which include the above features. These features are built in and don’t require any set up from you. 

Note: Some Hubs created before March 2020 may be V1 Hubs. 


What can I do to keep my Hub accessible? 

Add alt-text to images

When creating a blog post in Uberflip, you can add alt-text to any images you upload. This allows screen readers to describe the image (as outlined by you) to your visitor. To do this, just add an image as usual to a blog post and double-click it to open the image properties


Create accessible PDFs and make them downloadable

PDFs that have been converted to a Flipbook are not easily read by accessibility tools. To assist visitors who may want to consume your PDF using a screen reader, use Website Content Accessibility Guidelines when creating the original version of your PDF. 

Then, in Uberflip, turn on the ‘Download PDF’ option for your Flipbooks. To do this:

  1. Go to the Stream editor page of a Marketing, Sales, or Flipbook Stream
  2. Select the Options tab
  3. Toggle on the Show buttons to Download PDF and Expand Flipbook option

This allows the original PDF version to be downloaded from the Hub, and used effectively with a screen reader.

Check out the Uberflip Accessibility Resource Hub

For more tips and best practices for keeping an accessible Hub, check out the Uberflip Accessibility Resource Hub


How can I learn more about accessibility?

The Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) outline the current standards used by Uberflip and most reputable websites and apps. We suggest all marketers and web creators familiarize themselves with these. 

Many regions also have accessibility standards and rules you must follow to operate within them. Though many guidelines overlap with WCAG, some variations may exist. We recommend researching standards in your area to be sure you’re compliant.

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