Sales Assist: Create an Item from a file


Want to take a file from your device or the web, and put it directly into a Digital Sales Rooms (DSRs)? You can!

In Sales Assist, you can upload: 

  • PDFs

Each file uploaded can be up to 25MB in size. 

Create an Item from a file

  1. Head to the Rooms section (target icon) of Sales Assist 
  2. Select an existing DSR or create a new one
  3. On the Manage Digital Sales Room page, select the Items tab
  4. Click Create an Item
  5. In the modal that appears, enter a document URL, or click the cloud icon to upload a file
  6. Enter a title and description, and choose (or upload) an image
  7. Optional: Click Add Context for Prospect to add contextual copy that will appear beneath the Item
  8. Click Create and Insert

That’s it! Your newly created Item has been added to the selected DSR.

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