View a Stream or Item analytics in the Stream/Item editor


Did you know? From within the Stream and Item editor pages of Uberflip, you can view a report on individual Item/Stream performance. This article will show you how.


​​Before you begin

  • To see these Uberflip Analytics reports, your Uberflip user account must hold an Uberflip Analytics View license. A View license is automatically granted to any member of the Account Administrator and Analyst user groups. Check out Get started with Uberflip Analytics to learn more. 


What is the Item/Stream performance report?

Item and Stream performance reports offer a detailed overview on how an individual Stream or Item is performing across the board. While this information can be found within your Uberflip Analytics, you can also find it in the Stream and Item editor pages for quick review. 

These reports include: Item/Stream details, engagement stats, sessions data, a performance chart, and more. 


View your Item/Stream performance report in the editor page

  1. In Uberflip, click Content in the sidebar menu
  2. Select either the Item or Stream tab, depending on the report you want to review 
  3. Find and click the Stream or Item you want to review
  4. At the top of the Item or Stream editor page, select the Item Performance or Stream Performance tab

You’re there! Review your performance report to see how things are going.

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