Announcement: Retiring SnapApp [Aug. 2022]


What is happening?

Uberflip is retiring the SnapApp product. 

As of May 1st, 2022, SnapApp will stop receiving updates and maintenance. Users can continue to use the final version until July 31st, 2022, but we suggest using this time to transition to a new tool if needed. 

On August 1st 2022, SnapApp and all related functions will be shut down for all users, and will no longer be available for use. 


Why is this happening? 

We’ve loved having SnapApp as part of the Uberflip offering, but marketing tech is always changing. In recent years many users have found new and interesting ways to generate leads using other tools, including Uberflip Stream features and CTAs.

Our desire to innovate and grow our main offering, the Uberflip platform, means making hard decisions on where to allocate resources. This change will allow us to use our time and people to build a better, more powerful Uberflip for the future. 


I’m a SnapApp user, what will I do now?

SnapApp’s retirement will mean that all current users need to transition to a different tool to replace SnapApp’s functions. 

If you’re a current SnapApp user and have questions, contact your Uberflip account manager today. They’ll be happy to provide advice and support. 


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