6sense Enrichment explained


With Uberflip’s 6sense Enrichment feature, you can get insight into the dark side of your funnel. Use this Enrichment feature to discover which companies are engaged with your content, even if they’re not already a contact in your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP). 

This article will explain the feature, how to get set up, and how to navigate the 6sense enriched dashboard. 

What is 6sense Enrichment?

6sense Enrichment takes firmographic data from 6sense and combines it with your Uberflip Analytics data. This allows you to see what unknown companies and industries are engaging with your content, even if they aren’t already known in your MAP. With this enriched data, you’ll have visibility into who is engaging with your content, helping you drive better content personalization and outreach.

You can view this data in the Company Discovery dashboard to easily visualize how things are shaping up across companies and industries, and drill down for a closer look where needed. 

Before you begin

  • 6sense Enrichment is a paid add-on to your Uberflip account. If you have not already purchased this feature, get in touch with your Uberflip account manager today. 
  • To use 6sense Enrichment, you’ll need the 6sense Personalizer app installed on your account. Your account manager will help you with this when you purchase the add-on, if needed. 
  • Ensure the 6sense Personalizer app is up-to-date before using 6sense Enrichment for the first time 

Enable 6sense Enrichment


Note: You must purchase the 6sense Enrichment add-on before you can enable it in your account. If you haven’t already, contact your Uberflip account manager. They’ll set you up with everything you need to get started.

Once you’ve purchased your 6sense Enrichment add-on, follow these steps to enable the feature in your account:  

  1. In the topbar menu, click Marketplace > Installed Apps
  2. Find the 6sense Personalizer app and click the Edit (pencil) icon
  3. Scroll to find the Enrich Analytics section and turn on the toggle

That’s it! Your 6sense enriched Analytics has been turned on.


 It may take several hours for data to start populating in Analytics.

Access the Company Discovery dashboard

Your enriched data can be seen in the Company Discovery dashboard. To get there: 

  1. In Uberflip, Click Analytics in the topbar 
  2. In the sidebar menu, click Visitors > Company Discovery 

You’re in! 

Navigating the Company Discovery dashboard

Filters at the top of the dashboard allow you to begin your drill down.


The Company Discovery dashboard consists of 10 data widgets that make it easy to visualize your data. 

All widgets on the dashboard are interactive. Hover to highlight data points, and click data points to filter further.

Each widget also includes a kebab (three vertical dots) icon where you download the data as a CSV or PDF. From here, users with an Explore license can also user their enriched analytics for custom Explore dashboards.


Included widgets: 

Note: Top companies (IP) are determined by Uberflip based on the number of respective prospects, total pageviews (new prospects) or sessions (returning prospects), and lowest bounce back rate.

Companies (IP) Enriched:

The number of companies 6sense identified.


Unique Visitors:

Unique visitors within the identified companies.



The top 15 industries identified by 6sense.

Drill down for more.  


New Prospect Breakdown:

Number of new companies, visitors, and page views. 

Click labels below the graph to remove data points.


Top 15 New Prospects:

Top 15 new prospects based on unique visitors and page views. 

Drill down for more.  


CompanyIP (Σ New Visitors) -- Entry Asset/Name - Campaign:

The journey of top new companies brought in through specific entry assets based on their respective top campaigns


Returning Prospect Breakdown:

Number of returning companies, visitors, and page views.

Click labels below the graph to remove data points.


Top 15 Returning Prospects

Top 15 returning prospects based on unique visitors and page views. 


CompanyIP (Σ Return Visitor) -- Asset Type/Name -- Marketing Channel:

The journey of top returning companies brought in through specific entry assets based on marketing channels.


Company (IP) Summary:

A breakdown of the top 20 companies with their respective firmographic data and engagement metrics.

Drill down for more. 
Click company to drill down into their individual engagement.



Delete visitor Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from Uberflip

If you need to delete a single visitor’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or the PII for all visitors to your Hubs, this can be done in the Data Controls page (Analytics > Analytics Settings > Data Controls) of your Uberflip account.

Check out Delete visitors personally identifiable information (PII) from Uberflip for a full guide on deleting PII data.

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