Sales Assist: Add a gate CTA to a Stream


Want to gather information on a visitor before they dive into your content? Looking to ensure your Streams are only seen by prospects at the company you created it for? A gate CTA will allow you to do just that, and this article will show you how. 

What is a gate CTA?

A gate CTA is a Form CTA (designed by you) that appears as a lightbox element over a Stream. It blocks the content of the Stream from being viewed until an unknown visitor submits the information you’ve requested (or a soft CTA is skipped).

Note: Visitors who are already known in your MAP will skip the gate automatically. 

There are three gate options to choose from:

  • Soft
    A soft gate will prompt your visitor for their information, but the visitor can choose to skip the gate if they’d like.
  • Hard
    A hard gate requires an email (from any domain) to be entered by the user for them to access the Stream.
  • Protect
    A protect gate requires the viewer to enter an email from the prospect domain you’ve set for that Stream.


While a protect gate is a great way to ensure you gather new contacts, a savvy visitor may be able to find their way around it. To protect a Stream containing sensitive information, use a passphrase, or pair a protect gate with a passphrase for max security.

Configure a gate CTA

To enable your Sales Reps to add gate CTAs to their Streams, you must first configure the gate CTA settings in Sales Assist, here’s how: 

  1. In the topbar menu of Uberflip, click Marketplace > Installed apps
  2. Find Sales Assist and click the pencil icon to the right of it
  3. Scroll to the CTA ID section
  4. Ensure the CTA ID listed is for the Form CTA you want to use as your gate. If it's not, grab the correct CTA ID (Calls-to-Action > Form Calls-to-Action) and enter it here. 

    Still using Flipbot?

    Using the same CTA ID in Flipbot and Sales Assist will cause issues. We don’t recommend using these two apps together at your company, and suggest using only Sales Assist moving forward. But if you’re not ready to give up Flipbot, please use a different CTA ID in Sales Assist.

  5. Scroll to the Gate CTA section
  6. Toggle on the Gate CTA feature
  7. Optional: Under GATE CTA > Delay, choose the time delay (in seconds) for when the CTA will pop up for the visitor
  8. Optional: Under Gate CTA > Dismiss Label, add a label that appears under soft gates, which indicates to the visitor that it can be skipped

Pass the share token to your MAP

If you want to capture the share token in your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), you can set up field mapping for this now. 

  1. When creating or editing the CTA you’ll use as your gate CTA, add your MAP’s field of choice as a hidden field
  2. In the Sales Assist settings (from the above steps), under Gate CTA > Share Token Field Mapping add the ‘API Name’ assigned to the hidden field in your MAP

    Find the 'API Name' in Uberflip
    1. In the sidebar menu of Uberflip, click Calls-to-action > Form Calls-to-action
    2. Click the CTA you'll use as your gate
    3. In the CTA editor, click the pencil icon 
    4. Beside 'Form Fields' click Manage
    5. Click the edit (pencil) icon beside the hidden field you're using for the share token
    6. In the API Name field, you'll see the API Name you're looking for


Add a gate CTA to a Stream

Once this feature is enabled in Sales Assist, Stream creators can add a gate CTA to any Stream they’d like with these steps:

  1. Go to the Manage Stream page of the Stream you want to gate
  2. In the Details tab, click the Gate CTA subtab
    Don’t see the gate CTA subtab? This feature may not be enabled. Contact your account administrator. 
  3. Choose which type of gate to place
  4. Optional: Add a custom tagline to your gate in the Override Tagline field

Your settings will auto-save immediately.

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