Feature Items in a Marketing or Source Stream (and your Hub)


In any Source or Marketing Stream, you can feature Items to pin them at the top of your ‘Latest Content’ feed. This article will outline how this functionality works and how to feature Items. 

Good to know

  • Items can be featured in any Source Stream or Marketing Stream (not available in Sales Streams)
  • When ‘Highlight first Item’ in enabled in Hubs labs, The featured Item with the most recent publish date will show up as a 4x sized tile at the top of your Stream/Hub
  • Other featured Items will display in order based on when they were published
  • Featured Items from all Streams will show up at the top of the Hub's ‘Latest Content’ feed
  • Featured Items won’t displace any CTAs on Stream pages or the Hub homepage

Feature Items in a Stream

Follow these steps to feature Items within a Source or Marketing Stream.

  1. Go to the Hub that contains the Item you want to feature
  2. Click Content in the sidebar menu
  3. In the Streams tab, find the Stream containing the Item you want to feature and click on it
  4. Find the Item you want to feature, and click the Star icon at the top of the Item

Featured Items on your Hub's homepage

If you're using the ‘Latest Content’ Stream on your Hub's homepage, featured Items in any Streams will appear at the top of the homepage as well (based on the publish date).


For more control over the content on your Hub homepage, use a Marketing Stream as your Hub's homepage instead of the ‘Latest Content’ Stream. See how to use a Stream for your Hub's homepage.

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