Make a feature request


Got an idea that could improve Uberflip? Head to the Uberflip feedback portal and let us know! This article will show you how. 


Before you begin

  • Before submitting a feature request or feedback, search the feedback portal to see if it’s already been submitted. Upvoting an existing idea helps us get a better look at how popular it is. 
  • By submitting or upvoting an idea, you’ll receive an email notification when the status of that idea changes (opt-out of status notifications in the feedback portal)


Step 1 - Access the Uberflip Feedback Portal

  1. In Uberflip, click the question mark icon in the bottom right corner
  2. Click Submit an idea >  Open in Portal


Step 2 - Search existing ideas

  1. Search for your idea using the search field in the top right of the feedback portal
  2. If you find that the idea has been submitted, click the thumbs-up icon to upvote it

Didn’t find your idea listed? Submit it using step 3. 


Step 3 - Submit your idea/feedback

  1. In the Feedback Portal, click Dashboard
  2. Click Make a Suggestion

  3. Fill out the request form, including: 
    • The feature request (or struggle you’re looking to overcome)
    • What you’re trying to achieve
    • Your current workaround (if you have one)
    • Supporting files (if you have any)
  4. Click Submit request

That’s it! Our team will review your idea/feedback and you’ll be notified when the status is updated.


Change your notifications preferences from the profile settings in the Feedback Portal (Profile Icon > Email Settings).

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