Flipbot: Activity Dashboard


Uberflip's Flipbot app features a built-in Activity Dashboard, which gives you an overview of all Flipbot activity in your organization. This article will help you understand the dashboard and how to use it. 

Flipbot is being retired

Flipbot will be going away on Nov. 1st, 2023. Check out Flipbot is being retired [Nov. 2023] for details. 

What is the Flipbot Dashboard?

The Flipbot dashboard shows you which of your Sales Reps are receiving notifications about visitors to their Sales Streams, in particular:

  • The total number of notifications for a selected period
  • The top three Sales Reps who received the most Flipbot notifications over that period
  • The trend of notifications over the selected period
  • A listing of all Sales Reps and the proportion of total notifications that each received
  • A breakdown of multi-Item visits by prospects across all Sales Streams


When Flipbot is installed in your Uberflip account, the Flipbot dashboard will automatically be added to the Hubs menu in the Uberflip app.

Note: The Activity Dashboard is only available if you have configured Flipbot to send Slack notifications — it does not work if you’re using Flipbot with email notifications only.

How To Use The Flipbot Activity Dashboard

To find the dashboard, log in to Uberflip and select a Hub from the Hubs menu at the top. Click on Dashboard in the left sidebar menu to expand the list of available dashboards, then click on Flipbot Activity:


On the right, click on Sign in with Slack. Once you have signed in, the dashboard should appear.

To use the dashboard, simply choose the time period you want to view with the controls at the top. You can choose between eight different preset periods (from as recently as the current date up to the previous 90 days), or view data for all time (back to when you first installed Flipbot).

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