Flipbot: Install and configure Flipbot


Ready to get started with Flipbot? This article will show you how to install and configure the app for all of its features.  

Flipbot is being retired

Flipbot will be going away on Nov. 1st, 2023. Check out Flipbot is being retired [Nov. 2023] for details. 

Before you begin

  • To receive Slack notifications, you'll need a Slack workspace. If you don’t use Slack, Flipbot can also send email notifications instead.
  • Flipbot only works with Sales Streams, so you must have this feature enabled in your Uberflip account.
  • Flipbot identifies the owner of a Stream based on their email address. As a result, the Stream owner’s email address must be the same in both Uberflip and Slack in order for Flipbot to work correctly. For example, if the Stream owner has the email address john.smith@example.com in Uberflip, they must also use john.smith@example.com as their email address in Slack in order to receive Flipbot notifications.

Installation & Setup

Step 1: Install the Flipbot App

The first thing you need to do is install Flipbot in your Uberflip account. You can do that from the Uberflip Marketplace, here:

Uberflip Marketplace: Flipbot

Step 2: Create a Flipbot Form CTA

Next, you need to create a dedicated Form CTA for Flipbot in Uberflip. Flipbot uses this Form CTA to communicate with your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) and pull prospect details.

  • When you create the Form CTA, the fields you choose to include will determine the information that Flipbot provides when it messages a Sales Stream owner (e.g. name, email, company, etc.).
  • We also recommend adding the field “ID” (supported in most MAPs) to the Form CTA and setting it as hidden, as this allows Flipbot to differentiate prospect messages by including an emoji face.
  • You can design the Form CTA any way you like, as you do not need to place/display it anywhere. The only exception to this is if you configure Flipbot to gate Sales Streams: in this case, the CTA will be displayed to unknown (not yet profiled) prospects.
  • If you want to enable the gating option but also want to include fields that should not be visible to prospects, make sure to set these fields to “hidden”.

When you create your Flipbot Form CTA, make a note of its CTA ID. You can find it in Uberflip under Hubs > Calls-To-Action: hover your mouse over the CTA, and its ID will appear at the bottom of the CTA’s tile:


Step 3: Configure Flipbot

Now, you can configure Flipbot so that it works properly with your Slack workspace and MAP.

You can configure Flipbot at the account level and at the Hub level. Setting up Flipbot at the account level will apply to all Hubs under that account. If you separately configure Flipbot at the Hub level for any Hub, these settings will override any account-level settings.

Here’s where you can find Flipbot’s settings:

  • Account Level: Navigate to Account Settings > Integration > Connected Services > Apps tab, hover your mouse over Flipbot, then click on the Edit (pencil) button.

  • Hub Level: Navigate to Hubs > Integrations > Apps tab, hover your mouse over Flipbot, then click on the Edit (pencil) button.

For help with configuring Flipbot’s various settings, proceed to the Configuration section.

Step 4: Add Flipbot to Slack (Optional)

The last thing to do is to add Flipbot to your Slack workspace. This is optional: if you only want to use email notifications, you can skip this step.

To add Flipbot to Slack, click on the Add to Slack button:

Add to Slack

Once added to your Slack workspace, Flipbot will be available to all users in that workspace.


This page describes what Flipbot’s various settings do, and how to configure them.

You can find the settings under Account Settings > Integration > Connected Services > Apps tab (account-level settings) or Hubs > Integrations > Apps tab (Hub-level settings). In either place, hover your mouse over Flipbot and click on the Edit (pencil) button to open Flipbot’s settings.

There are three types of settings:

  • Required Settings: These settings must be configured for Flipbot to work.
  • Optional Settings: These settings control non-essential functionality, and only need to be configured if you want to use the corresponding features.
  • Extra Feature Settings: These settings control optional add-on features that aren’t part of Flipbot’s core functionality, but which are available when you install Flipbot.

Required Settings

You must configure the following required settings:

MAP Integration Type

Use this field to specify the Marketing Automation Platform you’re using. You can enter any of the following values:

  • marketo

  • hubspot

  • eloqua

  • pardot


Use this field to enter the CTA ID for the dedicated Flipbot Form CTA that you created.

Slack Team ID

Enter your Slack Team ID into this field to receive Slack notifications from Flipbot. Slack notifications will be sent as direct messages to Sales Stream owners.

To get your Team ID, log in to your Slack workspace in a browser and click on any channel, then look at the URL: the second-to-last part of the URL is your Team ID.


  • If the Email Notification setting is turned on, this setting is optional. Leave this field blank if you do not want to use Slack notifications (i.e. email notifications only).

Email Notification

Toggle this switch on (green) to receive email notifications from Flipbot. Email notifications will be sent to the email address set in the Sales Stream owner’s Uberflip user account profile.

  • If the Slack Team ID setting has been configured, this setting is optional. Leave this setting turned off if you do not want to use email notifications (i.e. Slack notifications only).

Note: You can also have Flipbot send both types of notifications by simply configuring both settings.

Optional Settings

You can also configure the following optional settings:

CTA Gate

Use this setting to turn on the CTA gating option, which will display the designated Form CTA as an overlay when an unknown prospect views the Stream. The following values are accepted:

  • soft

  • hard

Choose soft if you want prospects to be able to dismiss the CTA without completing it.
Choose hard if you want to force prospects to complete the CTA before they can view the Stream.

Leave this field blank if you do not want to gate Sales Streams.

Note: The CTA Gate feature is not supported on mobile devices, so no CTA will be shown there even if the option is enabled.

CTA Gate > Delay (in seconds)

If the CTA Gate feature is turned on, use this setting to specify an (optional) delay before the CTA appears as an overlay after the Stream loads.

Leave this field blank if you want the CTA to appear immediately (no delay).

CTA Gate > Dismiss Label

If the CTA Gate feature is turned on, and is set to the soft option, you can optionally use this setting to customize the link prospects can click to dismiss the CTA.

Leave this field blank to use the default dismiss label (“No Thanks”).

Ignore IP Addresses

Use this setting to specify any IP addresses that you want Flipbot to ignore: if any listed IP visits a Sales Stream, Flipbot will not send a notification. This is useful for your own internal IP addresses, for example.

  • Enter complete IP addresses in single quotes, e.g.
  • Separate multiple IP addresses with a comma, e.g.,
  • Wildcard characters and CIDR notation are not supported.

Leave this field blank if you do not want Flipbot to ignore any IP addresses.

Extra Feature Settings

Flipbot also includes features, like Magic Logo. Use these settings to enable and configure these features. 

Magic Logo Header

Toggle this switch on (green) if you want to use the Magic Logo feature, which generates a personalized header for Sales Streams that do not use the Banner+Logo template. For more details and examples, see this page.

Magic Logo Header > Background Color

If the Magic Logo feature is turned on, use this setting to specify the background color for the header, e.g. your primary brand color.

  • To use, type in the desired color’s Hex value (preceded by a #, e.g. #0000FF).
  • If not set, the background color will default to #CE0058 (rubine red).

Magic Logo Header > Background Image

If the Magic Logo feature is turned on, use this setting to optionally specify a background image to be displayed in the header.

Blacklist: Block Competitor Domains

Use this setting to specify any web domains you want to block from accessing Sales Streams (e.g. competitor domains): if a visitor arrives on a Sales Stream with a specified domain (as reported by Bombora data), they will not be able to access the Stream, and will be shown a (customizable) message.

  • To use, type in the domain(s) to be blocked, separated by a comma e.g. mycompetitor.com,myothercompetitor.com
  • If not set, no domains will be blocked.

Blacklist: Denial Message

If the Blacklist: Block Competitor Domains feature is configured, use this setting to specify the message to be displayed when a visitor is denied access to a Sales Stream.

  • To use, type in the desired message.
  • If not set, “Access Denied.” will be displayed by default.

Debug Mode

Toggle this switch to on (green) to enable debug mode.

  • When enabled, Flipbot will output more detailed information in the browser console for troubleshooting purposes.
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