Flipbot: What is Flipbot?


Flipbot is being retired

Flipbot will be going away on Nov. 1st, 2023. Check out Flipbot is being retired [Nov. 2023] for details. 

What is Flipbot?

Flipbot is an Uberflip app designed to help you track a prospect's content journey. When a prospect views a Sales Stream, Flipbot notifies the owner of that Sales Stream by sending them a direct message in Slack (from @flipbot), or by email (or both).

How Does Flipbot Work?

When a prospect visits your Sales Stream, you'll be notified (by Slack, Email, or both). This way you'll have the where, what, when and who information needed to follow up with prospect at the perfect time. Each notification is a bit different than the last, so you can easily follow their journey. 

Initial Notification

When an unknown prospect visits a Sales Stream (i.e. an anonymous visitor), Flipbot will send a simple message to that Stream’s owner. It looks like this in Slack:


And like this by email:


Flipbot also connects to your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), so if the prospect is known (has a profile in your MAP), Flipbot will send a much more detailed message:


The information displayed in this message (i.e. email, title, etc.) is fully customizable. To help distinguish between different prospects, each individual prospect is randomly assigned one of 30 emoji faces (like the Koala in the screenshot above).

Subsequent Notifications

After the initial visit, every time a known or unknown prospect subsequently views an Item in a Stream, Flipbot will notify the Stream owner with a shorter, “partial” message:


  • Each of these messages also indicates the total number of Items viewed by the prospect to date. This number only counts unique views, so repeated views of the same Item are not included. Likewise, views of the Stream homepage are not included in this count, either.
  • If a prospect views an Item that they have previously viewed again, Flipbot will only send a new message notification if more than 30 minutes have passed since they last viewed the Item.

As a prospect visits more Items within a Stream, Flipbot modifies the “partial” messages with indicators to highlight particularly engaged prospects. When a prospect views their third Item, the message looks like this:


On the fourth Item, the message looks like this:


And after five or more Items, the message looks like this:


CTA Gating

Lastly, you can also optionally profile unknown prospects by configuring Flipbot to gate Sales Streams with a Form CTA. When an unknown prospect visits a gated Sales Stream and completes the Form CTA, Flipbot will send a corresponding notification to the Stream’s owner:


Want to try out Flipbot? Then head over to Flipbot: Install and configure Flipbot to learn how to get set up.

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