Sales Assist: Weekly performance email for admins


Sales Assist admins receive an email summary of their team’s Sales Assist performance each week. This article outlines the details of this performance summary, and how to opt-in or out of the email. 

Before you begin 

  • Only Admins in Sales Assist have the option to receive the weekly performance email 
  • This email is sent every Monday
  • The week summarized in the email runs from Monday to Sunday

Details of your performance summary email

The weekly performance email contains five sections:

  1. Your engagement score
  2. Share performance totals
  3. Items with the highest engagement
  4. Team activity summary
  5. New updates you should know about

We’ll outline each section below.

Your engagement score

Your engagement score shows how well prospects have engaged with the DSRs your team shared that week. You can then compare this score to the Sales Assist weekly benchmark. 

How your engagement score is calculated: 

Engagement score = (avg_people/7) + (avg_items/11) + avg_time

This calculation is based on research that shows that on average, about 7 people in a given target account will engage with around 11 pieces of content before a purchasing decision is made. The average time that the account engages with the content simply acts as a score bonus: the more time, the better.

The benchmark is calculated the same way, but across all Sales Assist accounts (excluding outliers). With this, you can get a sense if your engagement is going well, or if it may need a boost. 

Below the engagement score you’ll see a short summary that includes: 

  • Number of new team members
  • Average Item views per share  
  • Average unique people (visitors) per share 
  • Average time content was viewed per share


Share performance totals

Share performance is a simple weekly overview of total:

  • Item views 
  • Unique visitors 
  • Time your visitors engaged with your content


Items with the highest engagement

This area shows the 3 Items that received the most engagement that week, based on the amount of time the Items were viewed.  


Team activity summary

This section summarizes what your team’s been up to over the past week, including:

  • DSRs created
  • Items created
  • Number of DSRs shared 

This is shown as a total number for each that week, as well as a graph showing the total combined actions that took place each day.


New updates you should know about

The final section is where you’ll find out about new features in Sales Assist, so you’re up to date on new tools you and your team can take advantage of. 


Opt-in or out of the weekly performance email 

If you’re a Sales Assist admin, you can decide to receive the engagement email (on by default) or turn these off for yourself. Here’s how: 

  1. In the Sales Assist app, click your name in the top right
  2. Click Edit Profile
  3. Under Preferences, check the box beside Weekly Digest Email to opt-in, or un-check the box to opt-out. Your selection will save automatically.


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