Bulk Task Smasher: BTS not loading in Chrome



When using a Google Chrome browser, Bulk Task Smasher (BTS) is not loading: 

  • After successfully installing the app, clicking Bulk Task Smasher in the sidebar menu opens a plain white page in the main panel of Uberflip
  • No functions of Bulk Task Smasher are available to use

Experiencing this issue? This article will help get it fixed! 


  • This issue may occur when using a Google Chrome browser
  • This can occur in a regular or Incognito window


This is caused by a setting within Chrome that blocks third-party cookies. 


This setting is turned on by default for Incognito windows in Chrome.

Steps to Fix

  1. Go to your Chrome settings (3 vertical dot icon in the navigation bar > Settings)
  2. Click Security and Privacy > Cookies and other site data

Here you’ll see your cookie settings. You have two options that will allow you to use BTS in Chrome: 

  1. Choose to allow all cookies and use Bulk Task Smasher in any Chrome window
  2. Choose to block third-party cookies in Incognito windows, and only use BTS in regular (non-Incognito) Chrome windows 


Cookies must be allowed in the Chrome window you’re using for Bulk Task Smasher to run properly. Choosing to block all cookies or third-party cookies will restrict you from using BTS in Google Chrome.

Once you’ve updated your cookie settings, refresh Uberflip to start using Bulk Task Smasher!

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