MAP Enrichment explained


Uberflip’s MAP Enrichment feature allows you to import company and contact information directly from your MAP to enrich Uberflip data. Using this Enrichment method allows marketers to discover what content is being viewed and by which buyer contact or organization.


Before you begin


What is MAP Enrichment?

This Enrichment feature allows you to import company and contact information from your MAP integration directly into Uberflip Analytics.

Dashboards in Uberflip’s Analytics allow you to discover what content is being viewed and by which buyer contact or organization. It also allows marketers to infer similar organizations and industries that may be interested in a specific kind of content.

These inferred details can help better your content strategy and Account Based Marketing (ABM) decisions to positively impact your organization’s growth. 

MAP Enrichment currently supports 4 MAP platforms:

  • Marketo 
  • Eloqua
  • Pardot
  • Hubspot


Set up MAP Enrichment 

After a supported MAP integration is set up in Uberflip, follow these steps to configure Enrichment:

  1. Log into Uberflip
  2. Click your name in the topbar, then click Account Settings
  3. In the sidebar menu, click Integration > Enrichment
  4. Under the Data Source column, find your MAP and click the Edit button (wrench icon) mceclip0.png
  5. On the Enrichment settings page, there are two tabs where you can configure how data from the MAP integration enriches your Uberflip data: Settings and Field Mapping
    Note: If you're setting up Enrichment for the first time, it's best to start with field mapping before moving to the Settings tab.

Field Mapping

If you're setting up Enrichment for the first time, you'll want to to start by mapping your fields.

To help Uberflip understand how to process your data, you’ll need to create a mapping that associates MAP data model fields with Uberflip data model fields. 

The Enrichment Field column displays a standard set of fields for a company account record. Enter the MAP field names in the [Your MAP] Field column; your field options from MAP will appear as you type. Click the correct field to map it. 

To delete a field mapping, click the X beside the field.

Once the field mappings are completed, ensure the Data Import toggle in the Settings tab is turned on (green) to allow MAP person records to be passed into Uberflip.


While the MAP Fields column is pre-populated with common fields you may want to map, it also contains 14 custom fields for company and lead mapping. Use these as you’d like to pull custom data points from your MAP into your enriched Analytics.

Custom field data is shown in company and lead detail widgets, and can be used when creating Explore dashboards in enriched Analytics as well.



Integration Data Import:

Under Data Import click the toggle to turn it on or off. Doing so will start (toggle on) or stop (toggle off) the flow of data coming from your MAP into Uberflip.

Note: After turning the switch on, the initial data import will take several hours to complete.

How often is my MAP data updated in Uberflip?

Data coming from your MAP is updated once daily. New contacts added in your MAP will appear in Uberflip after the daily refresh, even if they weren't added to the MAP by Uberflip.

If you'd like, you can review any errors and see detailed activity logs of your import. Do this by clicking Data Import Activity in the copy of the Integration Data Import section.

Remove Enrichment Data:

Click the Remove Data button to remove imported MAP data from Uberflip’s system. MAP data will be removed from Uberflip’s system within 4 hours.


To stop data from being imported again, toggle the Data Import switch off before clicking the Remove Data button.

Click User Activity in the copy of the Remove Enrichment Data section to view Enrichment data removal requests.


Access your MAP enriched Analytics

Your enriched data can be seen in the Company Discovery dashboard. To get there: 

  1. Click Analytics in the top menu bar of Uberflip
  2. In the sidebar menu on the left, click Visitors
  3. The Companies and Contacts dashboards here utilize the data from MAP Enrichment.
    Click on either of these dashboards to view the data.


You’re in! 

Alternatively, from the main Analytics navigation menu, click on the folder icon sign at the top right of the page. In the menu that appears, click Shared > Enriched (Alpha) > Enrichment Specific Dashboards to view all 5 dashboards utilizing data from MAP Enrichment.



Navigate MAP enriched dashboards

Filters at the top of each dashboard allow you to begin your drill down.

MAP Enrichment consists of five dashboards, each containing several widgets displaying and visualizing your data.

All widgets on the dashboard are interactive. Hover to highlight data points, and click data points to filter further.

Each widget also includes a kebab (three vertical dots) icon where you download the data as a CSV or PDF. From here, users with an Explore license can also user their enriched analytics for custom Explore dashboards.


MAP enriched dashboards

These are the 5 dashboard that will use and display your MAP enriched data. Click the dashboard title below to see the charts and data included in each. 

Companies dashboard

Known Companies:

Companies found within your MAP



Total number of Share sessions per day.



The top eight industries that visiting companies are identified as in your MAP.


Number of employees:
The size of known companies based on employee headcount.


Annual Revenue:
The size of known companies based on annual revenue. 


Companies Detail: 

A list of individual companies and their respective details, such as size, revenue, etc. 


Contacts dashboard

Known Contacts:
Known contact found in your MAP


Common Job Titles:
The most common job titles of the known contacts engaging with your content 


Contact Status:

The current status of the contacts engaging with your content. 


Lead Score: 

The scores of known leads engaging with your content, according to your MAP.


Views by Known Contacts:
Views per day by known contacts. 


Contact Details: 

A list of individual companies and their respective details, such as size, revenue, etc.

Enrichment Diagnostics
  • When A Visitor Was first Seen
  • When A visitor was most recently seen
  • Unique Visitors with MAP IDs
  • Unique MAP IDs (Not your company Emails)
  • Unique MAP IDs
  • MAP IDs (with your company Emails)
  • Unique Companies/accounts
Single Company / Account
  • Company Details 
  • Leads / Contacts 
  • Items Viewed 
  • Sessions
  • Leads / Contacts
Single Lead / Contact
  • Contact Details 
  • Company Details 
  • Company Analytics IDs
  • Sessions 
  • Items Viewed 
  • Session Details 
  • Form CTA Interactions
  • Link CTA Interactions
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