Where can I find Uberflip's policies and legal documentation?



Where I can I find Uberflip's policy documentation, legal documents, Terms of Use, etc.?



Uberflip has a variety of policies in place that are designed to define and govern the relationship between Uberflip and you, our customers. If you would like to reference these policies, they are available on our website at uberflip.com/legal

The policies hosted on the legal page of our website include: 

  • Terms of use
  • Copyright policy
  • Cookie policy
  • Anti-spam policy
  • Data security policy
  • Data Processing Addendum
  • Privacy policy
  • Sub-Processor List
  • Uberflip Trial
  • Services Agreement
  • Accessibility
  • Software Support/End Of Life policy

As with all changes to our platform and services, we will do our best to keep you updated if and when changes are made to these policies. 

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