Can I automatically notify subscribers/followers when I publish a new blog post?



I want to give visitors to my Hub the ability to subscribe to my blog, so that they get an email notification whenever I publish a new post. Can I do this with Uberflip?



This functionality isn't built in to Uberflip, but there are various ways to achieve it using external tools. For example, if you're a Marketo user, one way to do this is by using Digesto. To learn how to set this up, see this article.

Another option is to use a task automation tool, such as Zapier, Microsoft Flow,, etc. These tools are designed to connect different software platforms, and to automatically perform an action whenever a specified trigger event occurs. While we can't provide detailed instructions for each such tool, a general setup might look like this:

  1. Use a Form CTA placed on your Uberflip blog to collect subscriber emails.
  2. Use emails collected with this Form CTA to populate a mailing list in your email marketing tool.
  3. Set up the task automation tool to monitor your blog's RSS feed (i.e. the RSS feed of your Uberflip Blog Stream) for new posts.
  4. Configure the task automation tool to send a new email each time a new post is published in that RSS feed, using your email marketing tool and the mailing list generated for this purpose (i.e. the one created using the Form CTA).

With this setup, your visitors can effectively subscribe to your blog by entering their email into the Form CTA, then receive an email notification whenever you publish a new post. For detailed instructions on how to set something like this up, please refer to the help resources of your preferred task automation tool.

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