Which version of the Uberflip Hub Front End am I using?



I've heard that there is a Front End V1 and a Front End V2. What's the difference, and which one is my Hub using?



Front End V1 vs Front End V2

The Uberflip Hub Front End is the technology that powers the user-facing elements of all Uberflip Hubs. This includes basically everything in your Hub that your visitors can see and interact with: the home page, the navigation menu, Stream and Item pages, Item and CTA tiles, and so on.

There are actually two versions of this technology:

  • Front End V1 was the original version of Uberflip's Hub front end technology. It was originally developed in 2012, when Uberflip first launched the Hubs product, and has grown and evolved over time.
  • Front End V2 is the successor to Front End V1. This is Uberflip's next-generation Hub front end framework, which was redesigned from the ground up with a focus on accessibility, as well as improved page speed and SEO performance. It was developed in 2019, and first implemented on customer Hubs in early 2020. As of March 2020, all newly created Hubs run on Front End V2.

The differences between these two versions are almost entirely "under the hood": while Front End V2 HHubs are more accessible and faster, they are designed to look and feel effectively identical to Front End V1 Hubs.

Check your Hub's Front End version

If you want to check which version of the Uberflip Hub Front End your Hub is running, use the following method:

  1. In any browser, visit your hub's home page.
  2. Right-click anywhere, then click on View Source orView Page Source (depending on your browser) to view the page's source HTML.
  3. When you're viewing the page source coude, press Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on Mac) and search for <body.
  4. In the source HTML, the string <body should be highlighted (there should only be one result). Take a look at the text that appears after this string to identify your Hub Front End version:
    • If you see <body class="hub-page, your Hub is running Front End V1:
    • If you see <body id="uf-hub-page", your Hub is running Front End V2:
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