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SnapApp is being retired. This product and all of its features will be shutting down on Aug. 1st 2022. For more information, check out Announcement: Retiring SnapApp.


Is there a way I can bulk upload a bunch of content/data into the platform so I don't have to do it every time I build a new SnapApp? 



By utilizing the tools within SnapApp’s App Setup section, you can set universal style settings, write all your questions & answer content, establish fields you want included in your app’s lead forms, and connect all future apps to your Marketing Automation Platform. 

Here's how to get started with App SetUp: 

  1. Locate and click APP SETUP on the left hand side of the homepage of your SnapApp account:
  2. The first tab you’ll see within App Setup is ‘Style.’ Here, you can set style settings that will be applied to every app you create from here on. This includes:

    Setting a button background and font color
    Choosing a typeface for your font as well as a font color
    Uploading an image or setting a solid color that will be used for the background of
    each page of your apps
    Uploading your organization’s logo to be added to each page of your apps
  3. The second tab within App Setup is ‘Questions,’ which is SnapApp’s Question Bank, where you
    can add questions and their respective answer options that then can be pulled into apps you create.

    QB is particularly helpful when you want to add the same question to various apps - instead of
    rewriting these questions app by app, you can just pull in these saved questions with the click of a
  4. In the third tab of App Setup, you’ll find ‘Lead Form,’ which allows you to add different fields you
    want to collect on the Lead Form page of each of your apps. Instead of tediously adding each field
    one by one to an app you are working on, setting the fields here will allow your lead form to be ready
    to go from the time you create a new app.
  5. In the last tab of App Setup, ‘Connect’ you can pull in your Marketing Automation Platform and
    specifically, where in your MAP you want the data your collecting via SnapApp (Lead form,
    questions & answers, results, etc.) to go.
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