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SnapApp is being retired. This product and all of its features will be shutting down on Aug. 1st 2022. For more information, check out Announcement: Retiring SnapApp.

Performance Data Tracked For Each App

Measurable Data Definition
Page Loads Every time app is loaded, including after a page refresh. If the page refreshes because it gets a callback from the SnapApp and refreshes itself, that does not get counted.
Impressions Counts initial loads of a SnapApp only, not loads after a page refresh.
Mouse-Over Number of times someone initially hovered over a SnapApp.
Mouse-Over Rate % of impressions that resulted in a mouse-over (MO / Imp).
Clicks Initial clicks.
Click Rate % of impressions that resulted in a click (Click / Imp).
Question Completion Number of times the last question was answered.
Question Completion Rate Number of clicks that resulted in question completions (Q. Comp. / Click).
Lead Form Impressions Number of times the lead form was seen.
Lead Submissions Number of times the lead form was submitted.
Lead Submission Rate Lead Submissions per Lead Impressions (Lead Sub. / Lead Imp).
Auto Lead Signups Number of times lead form was submitted automatically via advanced marketing automation.
Completions Number of times a user reaches Results page.
Completion Rate Completions per Clicks (Comp. / Click).
Linkout Clickthroughs Number of external link clicks.
Linkout Clickthrough Rate Linkout clickthroughs per initial Clicks (Link Click / Initial Clicks).
Share Actions Number of times a user shared result (non-unique). This is an aggregate of all share button clicks.
Share Rate Share Action per Completions (Share / Comp).
Share Referrals Number of users who reached app via link shared by previous user.
Referrals per Share Share Referrals per Share Actions (Referrals / Share).
Viral Boost Percentage Traffic to app from share referrals.
Facebook Shares Number of times Facebook share button was clicked on Results page.
Tweets Number of times Twitter share button was clicked on Results page.
Google+ Shares Number of times Google +1 share button was clicked on Results page.
LinkedIn Shares Number of times LinkedIn share button was clicked on Results page.
Facebook Likes Number of times Facebook Like button was clicked.
Like Rate Facebook Likes per Completions (Follows / Comp).
Twitter Follow Rate Twitter Follows per Completions (Follows / Comp).
Google +1s Number of times Google +1 button was clicked.
Google +1 Rate Google +1s per Completions (+1s / Comp).
YouTube Subscribers Number of times users click the YouTube subscribe button.
YouTube Subscribe Rate YouTube subscribers per Completions (Subscribers / Comp).


Types of Lead Data SnapApp Can Collect

  • Lead Form Information: You can customize your SnapApp lead forms to capture whatever lead data you want, including name, email, phone number, etc. SnapApp lead forms can also capture the IP address and submission data of each lead record.
  • Question & Result Data: The responses each end-user provides to the questions in the SnapApp, as well as the final result they receive, can be included as part of each lead record.
  • Hidden Field Data: SnapApp lead forms can include hidden fields that can be used to track things like the source URL of each lead, query string parameters such as UTM codes, a unique SnapApp ID number for each app, and other information not provided directly by the end-user.
  • Advanced Marketing Automation Info: If you’re using Eloqua or Marketo, the SnapApp advanced marketing automation feature allows for the automatic submission of lead forms for known users in your MAP database. You can also track known users who only partially complete the app through this feature
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