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General Info

What it is

Flipbook content is a set of attributes specific to Uberflip Flipbooks.  

Includes these data points
  • Flipbook Created Date
  • Flipbook Folder
  • Flipbook ID
  • Flipbook is Deleted (Yes / No)
  • Flipbook Publish Date
  • Flipbook Title
  • Flipbook Total Pages
Data Available After

Always in sync with database.


Flipbook content attributes can provide information about flipbooks that is independent of Hubs or Item information.  

Google Analytics Equivalent

Not Available.


Flipbook Created Date

Data Type: Date

Description: When a Flipbook was created

Flipbook Folder

Data Type: Dimension

Description: The folder the Flipbook is located in.


Flipbook ID

Data Type: Dimension

Description: The unique identifier for a flipbook, not to be confused with the Item ID.


Is Flipbook Deleted

Data Type: Dimension

Description: If a Flipbook has been deleted from Uberflip.

Flipbook Publish Date

Data Type: Date

Description The date the Flipbook was Published

Flipbook Title

Data type: Dimension

Description: The title of the Flipbook, which is independent of the item title

Flipbook Total Pages

Data Type: Dimension

Description: The total number of pages included with a Flipbook.

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