Images missing when sharing to Twitter



When sharing any page from a Hub to Twitter, the Twitter preview does not display an image (even if an image is available).

  • Twitter previews don't contain images
  • No image when I share an item on Twitter
  • Item image not included when sharing a link in a tweet



  • Where: Any page in a Hub (Hub homepage, Stream page, Item page)
  • Who: Users sharing a link to a Hub page
  • When: After sharing a link to a Hub page on Twitter, when Twitter displays a preview card for the link
  • Any browser
  • Any operating system



This issue occurs when the page being shared on Twitter is in a hub where the No Robots Meta Tag setting is turned on. When creating a preview card for the link, Twitter checks and respects any indexing rules (i.e. noindex robots meta tag/robots.txt) that exist for the destination website. If the website is set to noindex (i.e. if the No Robots Meta Tag is on in the case of a Hub), Twitter will not pull in any content from the website to create a preview, including images.


Steps to Fix

To fix, turn off the No Robots Meta Tag setting. You can find instructions on how to configure this setting here.

Alternatively, ensure you are only sharing content from Hubs where hte No Robots Meta tag setting is off.

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