Why is the recommendation panel not appearing?



I have enabled Content Recommendations in my Hub, but the recommendations panel isn't appearing on the left side of some or all items. Why? 


There are two potential causes for this issue.

Cause 1: You have selected a single Stream as the source for the content to be displayed in the recommendation panel, but that Stream doesn't contain any items.

If you've selected a single stream as the source and it doesn't contain any items, there aren't any items that can be displayed within the recommendation panel. Content Recommendations will not display an empty recommendation panel, so the panel simply doesn't appear. Check that the recommendation source Stream has items in it: if not, adding items will ensure that the recommendation panel appears as intended.

Cause 2: There is not enough room to display the recommendation panel.

Due to Uberflip's responsive design, the recommendation panel will not appear on the left side of the screen if there is not enough space. This can happen if the screen resolution (or just the browser window itself) is too small, or if you've changed the zoom level of the browser window.

This occurs especially when there are additional elements on-screen that reduce the available space, such as a Show Beside CTA. In this case, there sometimes isn't enough real estate on the screen for the recommendation panel, the body content of your item, and the Show Beside CTA to all be displayed at the same time. Whenever this happens, your Hub automatically uses the Most Recent Articles carousel at the bottom of your items to show recommended items that would otherwise appear in the recommendation panel.

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