Why are my autoplay videos muted?



Videos in my Hub that are set to autoplay are being muted by default. How can I ensure the video has sound when the video is playing? 



All major browsers now automatically mute videos that autoplay. For example, see this article from Google, which explains how this policy works in Chrome.

Because this is a policy that’s enforced by the visitor’s browser, there is no way to force videos to autoplay with sound. If you want videos to autoplay, the visitor must manually unmute them.

However, browsers will not mute a video that does not autoplay (i.e. videos that the visitor cooses to play). As a result, you can disable autoplay to ensure that your videos play with sound enabled.

In Uberflip, you can disable autoplay on any video Source Stream (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Vidyard or Brightcove). This is a Stream-level setting, so it will apply to all videos in the Stream, including when the videos are placed in Marketing or Sales Streams.

Here's how to disable autoplay for a video Stream:

  1. Under Content, find and open the video Source Stream (not a Marketing or Sales Stream).
  2. Click on the Options tab.
  3. Find the setting Disable auto playback:


  4. Turn this setting ON (green position). The change will save automatically, and will take effect right away.

Remember that this is a per-Stream setting, so you must configure it separately for each video source Stream in your Hub. Repeat the steps above for each Source Stream where you want to disable video autoplay.



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