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SnapApp is being retired. This product and all of its features will be shutting down on Aug. 1st 2022. For more information, check out Announcement: Retiring SnapApp.

Before you begin:

  • To Publish a SnapApp you will need to be an Account Admin.
  • Your account must also have enough Publishing Credits/Unlimited Credits to allow you to publish. 


About publishing a SnapApp

Once you have finished creating a SnapApp, you will want to publish it. Once a SnapApp is published you will still have the ability to make changes/edits/etc. to your app and will be prompted to Update.

Upon Updating, any changes made will automatically be pushed "live" to wherever your SnapApp is being hosted. To learn more about Embedding SnapApp's click here


Step 1: Navigate to the publish modal in your app

  1. Click Publish! 
  2. Errors: More often than not an "Errors Found" message will pop-up:
  • The most common errors found when trying to publish are the "App Settings > Setup" and "Lead Gen" errors. Clicking the hyperlinked text as seen above will take you to the areas of concern. 
  • The App Settings > Setup error is referring to the required Share Title that needs to be added to your app in order to Publish. 
    • While the Share Title doesn't show up on your SnapApp, these are the fields that will display
      as the default title whenever users are sharing your SnapApp on
      social media. That is why the Share Title field is required before publishing; it is
      the official backend title for your SnapApp.
  • The Lead Gen error is referring to the Privacy Policy section of your app. In order to collect lead data from users, you need to provide a privacy policy. This is a required field on the Setup tab of the lead form configuration menu in your Legacy SnapApp:
    • Enter the Site Name, which will be displayed at the bottom of the lead form, and
      then enter the URL to your Privacy Policy. This is where users will be taken to
      when they click on the site name.

Step 2: Use credit & publish

Once all errors have been resolved you can then select the Publish Icon again and will be promoted to Use Credit & Publish. If you do not have any additional publishing credits available please reach out to your CSM. 


Step 3: Select your publishing option 

There are a few options on where a SnapApp can live. You can choose to embed it
on your own company website, blog, etc. That simply requires copying the widget
code from the modal. More info can be found here

You could also choose to have it live on a landing page, hosted by SnapApp. That
means a unique URL will be created to host the SnapApp on a webpage with just
the SnapApp. 

Next steps: 

Please refer to this document prior to publishing an app to ensure that you (as the builder) have included all the elements and functionality that should be included in your app. 


If you have questions regarding publishing or embedding your SnapApp please don't hesitate to reach out to for more detailed instructions. 

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