ID Fields (Analytics > Traffic)


General Info

What it is

Different unique identifiers (IDs) used to understand clear distinctions in traffic.

Includes these data points
  • Page View ID
  • Session ID
  • Visitor ID
  • Visitor UUID
Collection Start

July 2019


These IDs can be used to specifically target specific instances and differentiate them.  

Google Analytics Equivalent

With google analytics, it's possible to utilize the Behavior functions to understand entry pages.



Page View ID

Data Type: Dimension 

Description: A unique identifier for a specific instance of a page view. 


Session ID

Data Type: Dimension

Description: A unique identifier for a specific session.  

Visitor ID

Data Type: Dimension

Description: A short back-end only unique identifier for differentiating specific visitors.


Visitor UUID

Data Type: Dimension

Description: A front-end exposed unique identifier that can be used to identify and delete visitors.  

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