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General Info

What it is

Visitor Engagement KPIs help you understand what is happening for visitors across multiple sessions level.

A visitor is someone with a long-lived cookie, which will remain in the user's browser for 365 days.  This is renewed every time they return.  

Includes these data points
  • New Visitors
  • Pages Per Visitor
  • Return Visitors
  • Unique Visitors
Data available after

Always in sync with database.


Understand if your content is drawing new visitors or are they coming back for multiple sessions.  Also show how much content is being consumed by a visitor through multiple sessions.

Google Analytics equivalent/comparable Part of Google Analytics.


New Visitors

Data Type: Count

Description:  A visitor is new if a browser cookie was seen only once.  

Pages Per Visitor

Data Type: Count

Description:  The number of pages viewed by a visitor, which may include the same page multiple times  


Return Visitor

Data Type: Count

Description:  A visitor is returned if their browser cookie has been seen before.


Unique Visitor

Data Type: Count

Description:  A visitor is unique based on counting individual browser cookies


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