Avg. Scroll Depth (Analytics > Engagement)


General Info

What is it:

Avg. Scroll Depth is how far down a page a visitor scrolled. This takes into account the page height at initial load and then the total of that percentage viewed by the visitor.

If there is a "Read More" button, or there is auto-loaded content this may cause the page heigh to be above 100%.  

Includes these data points
  • Avg. Scroll Depth
Date available after

December 2019 (collection started of scroll depth)


Scroll depth is an important indicator especially for blogs/articles as it indicator if a visitor actually read the content.  

Google Analytics Equivalent

This would need to be enabled with Google Tag Manager and possibly use some additional code.


Avg. Scroll Depth

Data Type: Calculated

Description: An average of scroll depth percentages.


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