Form CTA Impression/Submission Date (Analytics > Engagement)


General Info

What it is:

The Form CTA Impression date is when a form CTA was seen by a visitor, where as the submission date was when it was actually submitted.  


Includes these data points
  • Form CTA Impression Date
  • Link CTA Submission Date
Data available after

October 2019 (Collection on Hubs)

May 2020 (Collection of Embedded CTAs)

Pending (Collection of Embedded on Hubs)


By providing Form CTA event dates we can understand when they were interacted with.  This information can be utilized for the following purposes:

- Graph Impressions or Submissions

- See when a specific users had an impression or submission

- See the time in-between seeing a CTA and actually submitting it.  

Google Analytics equivalent/comparable Custom event required


Form CTA Impression Date

Data type: Date

Description: When a Form CTA was at least 50% on screen for more than 1 second.

Form CTA Submission Date

Data type: Date

Description: When a Form CTA was successfully submitted.



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