CTAs: Link (Analytics > Content)


General Info

What it is

Link CTA Content information provides context to differentiate Link CTAs from each other.

Includes these data points
  • CTA ID
  • Link CTA Button Label
  • Link CTA Position
  • Link CTA Tagline
  • Link CTA Tagline & Button
  • Link CTA Title
  • Link CTA Title & Link
  • Is Link CTA Deleted
Data available after

Always in sync with database


CTA Content dimensions provide awareness of what Link CTAs visitors are seeing and where they see them.

It is important to compare position and the content of a CTA when considering why it may have performed how it did.

Google Analytics equivalent/comparable Requires custom dimensions and will not be in sync with the DB.



Data Type: Dimension

Description: The Unique identifier of a CTA.


Link CTA Button Label

Data Type: Dimension

Description: Text shown on the CTA's submission button.


Form CTA Position

Data Type: Dimension

Description: Where the CTA is included, which may be Gated, Show-beside, Stream or Embed.


Form CTA Tagline

Data Type: Dimension

DescriptionText shown on the CTA to give context.


Form CTA Tagline & Button

Data Type: Dimension

Description: A data cell styled to include both the CTA Tagline & button


Form CTA Title: 

Data Type: Dimension

Description: The internal title of a CTA.


Form CTA Title & Link

Data Type: Dimension

Description: A data cell that includes the CTA's title as well as a link to view the CTA in Uberflip.


Is Form CTA Deleted

Description: An indication if the CTA has been deleted.

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