Page View Date (Analytics > Engagement)


General Info

What it is:

The Page View Date for when a single page/URL was viewed by a visitor.

Includes these data points
Various time frames for analysis.
Data available after

July 2019 (start collecting page view data)


Page View Date is the primary contextual date in Uberflip Analytics.  All dashboards use Page view date as the default date filter.  

The reason for this is that almost all activity in Uberflip Analytics is attached to a page view, therefore that is often the most appropriate date to filter traffic

Google Analytics equivalent/comparable Google analytics data is primarily based on page views by date.

The View Date (filter only) dimension

In addition to the dimensions available under Engagement > Page View Date, there is also a separate dimension named View Date (filter only) that is available in Uberflip Analytics Explore. This dimension works the same way as as the dimensions under Page View Date, except:

  • It can only be used as a filter in Explore
  • It includes pages that had 0 page views during the selected timeframe, which the Page View Date dimensions do not
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