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General Info

What it is

Tag content identifiers allow the usage of item tags within Uberflip analytics.

Includes these data points
  • Item Tags
  • Tag
  • List Tags
  • Count Tags
Data Available After

Always in sync with database.


Tags provide valuable valuable aggregation to content stored in Uberflip.  With Tags it's possible to identify groups of content to either exclusively analyze or exclude from analysis.  

It's also possible to surface tags in context of stream or item analytics to understand the the purposes of those.  

Google Analytics Equivalent

Custom dimensions required.


Item Tags

Data Type: Dimension

Description: A list of tags that are on the same item.  This is useful for identifying items that don't have a specific tag.


Data Type: Dimension

Description: Provide a single item tag, which can be used to filter a dashboard or to analyze on its own.


List Tags

Data Type: Dimension

Description: Provide a list of item tags in a comma delimited.


Count Tags

Data Type: Count

Description: A sum of item tags that can be drilled into.

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