Streams (Analytics > Content)

What is it

Stream identifiers that help differentiate streams from each other and provides contextual details. 

Includes these data points


  • Stream Category
  • Stream ID
  • Stream is Deleted
  • Stream is Hidden 
  • Stream Owner 
  • Stream Title: 
  • Stream Type 
  • Stream Title, Link & Category


  • Count Stream Owners
  • Count Stream Owners with Views
  • Count Streams
  • Count Streams Inc. Deleted
  • List Streams 
  • Streams with Page Views

As purposeful collections of content, streams are an incredibly important tool in designing a content experience.

Content Dimensions and measures make it easy to differentiate streams and to aggregate them into counts.

Google Analytics Equivalent

The closest equivalent to a streams on Google analytics are pages. Significant customization through custom dimensions would be required to gather this data.


Stream Category

Data Type: Dimension

Description: An aggregation of  types to high-level categories that include include Blogs, Documents, Marketing, Sales, Social and Video.


Stream ID

Data Type: Dimension

DescriptionUnique Identifier for an individual stream.


Stream is Deleted

Data Type: Dimension

Description If the stream has been deleted/archived or not.


Stream is Hidden

Data Type: Dimension

Description: If the stream has been hidden from search engines and navigations.


Stream Owner: 

Data Type: Dimension

Description: The Uberflip user who is responsible for a stream.

Stream Title: 

Data Type: Dimension

Description: The internal and external title of a stream.


Stream Type 

Data Type: Dimension

Description: These are system streams that behave differently due to their source and use-cases.  


Stream Title, Link & Category

Data Type: Dimension

Description: A HTML cell that includes information about a stream for clear context.

Count Stream Owners

Data Type: Count

Description: A sum of total stream owners

Count Stream Owners with Views

Data Type: Count

Description A sum of total stream owners with views in a time-frame.


Count Streams

Data Type: Count

Description: A count of streams that can be used in different contexts that includes deleted streams.


Count Streams Inc. Deleted

Data Type: Count

A sum of streams that can be used in different contexts that doesn't include deleted streams.


List Streams

Data Type: Count

Description: A comma delineated list of streams.


Streams with Page Views

Data Type:  Count

Description: A count/sum of streams that have had page views within a time period.


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