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General Info

What it is

Item Content Dimensions are identifiers that help distinguish one piece of content from another.  

Includes these data points


  • Item Creator
  • Item ID
  • Item is Deleted (Yes/No)
  • Item Thumbnail URL
  • Item Title
  • Item Type
  • Item: Title + Image:
Collection Start

Always in sync with database.


These fields are required to differentiate items and give Analytics context.  With these differentiators it's easy to aggregate metrics at the item level from across streams and also to see which items are being viewed by visitors.

Google Analytics Equivalent

Requires custom dimensions to be set up for these data-points

You will also need to set up filters in Google Analytics to Aggregate data from. 


Item Creator

Data Type: Dimension

Description: The name of the Uberflip user that created an Item, which is different than the Item author.  


Item ID

Data Type: Dimension

Description: The unique identifier of an Item.


Item is Deleted (Yes/No)

Data Type: Dimension

Description: An indication if the item has been deleted.


Item Thumbnail URL

Data Type: Dimension

Description: Generate a URL to view the item's thumbnail, which can help better identify the item.


Item Title

Data Type: Dimension

Description: The visitor facing title of an item.


Item Type

Data Type: Dimension

Description: This is based on system set Item items, which include Blogpost, Slideshare, Twitter, Youtube, Wistia etc...


Item: Title + Image:

Data Type: Dimension

Description: An HTML enriched cell that can be used to visually list items.

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