Supported Browsers and Operating Systems


The minimum system requirements (browser and OS) for using the Uberflip web app and other services.



This article lists the supported browser and OS versions with which you can use Uberflip services, including:

Uberflip services may work with browsers/operating systems not mentioned in this article (e.g. Linux), however they are only tested and guaranteed to work with the specific browsers/operating systems (and respective versions) listed below.


General Requirements

 To use Uberflip services, you need at least:


Supported Browsers

Uberflip Web App

The Uberflip web app ( is officially supported on these 4 browsers:

Browser Minimum Version Recommended Version
Chrome (desktop) 109 Latest stable version
Firefox 22 Latest stable version
Safari (desktop) 16 Latest stable version
Edge 22 Latest stable version

While Uberflip may work on other browsers, using a browser not listed here may result in unexpected issues. We may not be able to support issues on other browsers if the issue is browser specific. 


The Uberflip Web App is designed for use with desktop devices/browsers, and is not optimized for mobile devices.



You can view Uberflip Hubs on the following browsers:

Browser Minimum Version Recommended Version
Chrome (desktop/mobile) 73 Latest stable version
Firefox 73 Latest stable version
Safari (desktop) 12 Latest stable version
Safari (iOS) 11 Latest stable version
Edge 16 Latest stable version

Important: OnBrand customizations and other Custom Code

The information in this section applies to standard Hub functionality only. Non-standard Hub functionality that has been implemented with Custom Code, including customizations developed by Uberflip's OnBrand team, may not be compatible with the specific browser versions indicated here.

All OnBrand-developed custom Hub functionality is tested to work with the current versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge at the time they were developed. Due to low usage and poor compatibility with modern web technologies, OnBrand-developed functionality is not tested for use with Internet Explorer 11, and is therefore not guaranteed to function in that browser.


Supported Operating Systems


Uberflip supports the following operating systems for desktop devices:

Operating System Supported Versions
Windows 7/8/8.1/10
macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later



Uberflip supports the following operating systems for mobile devices:

Operating System
Supported Versions
Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) or later
iOS 12.0.1 or later



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